how to setup fax routing to email in windows 2008 fax server

i had setup a fax server in windows 2008 but i cant find how to route incoming faxes to email.
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AdoBeeboConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you used the Fax Configurator to setup the fax on the server?
Is it properly shared in Print Management for clients?
Have you published it through a GPO?
Have you configured the XP fax client?
This is a very excellent post on setting up SBS 2008 FYI:
This is a good TechNet article which describes the steps to take: 
salapatasAuthor Commented:
its ok my friend i had setup server for incoming  fax i configured to be delivered in e-mail.but the problem i canot find is how to setup windows xp client to send fax to fax server...?does anyone has an idea?
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