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Work Group log-in

techitch2 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-07
I have a work group consisting of four xp machines and one server 2003 file server.  I notice that the workstations get "disconnected" from the network shares.  (usually if there are updates or one has to reboot).  The xp machines have to log into the server to access files.  Can someone explain why and how/if I can get around the users having to log into the server all the time?  
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Yes, make sure to create a domain... What you are doing now is accessing something on the server that is no domain member.. This means that you have an account machine1\user that needs acces to server1. Server1 has no notion of an account named machine1 in it's local security database.. If you set the passwords at both machine the same the password popup normally shouldn't be coming..

Also, if you create the mappings to the server, be sure to make them permamnent.. If you are using the net use command to create mappings just add /p to the end of the line, this will maken the mapping permanent. If you are using the add mapping in the explorer, make sure to tnk the box "recreate mapping the next time you log in".
You shouldn't need a domain if you create user accounts on the "server" identical to the accounts on the workstation for them.  For example if a user is logging in as bob on his workstation with password 1234 then make sure that the server has account bob with password 1234.  Windows will automatically pass through the credentials as long as they match up.
techitch2Network Admin


My intentions are to keep this a work group and not a domain.  I have a small number of machines and a router that is performing DHCP.  There is no need for a domain.  All mapping is permanent IE: i do not have to remap anything i just get prompted for the server administrator password when i attempt tom access a shared drive usually after a reboot.  I will attempt the user accounts on the server idea and get back to you

Then creating the user accounts on the server will indeed work.. As said in my first post, every time you access files on a share, it will recheck your account permissions.

Do make sure when creating the users that you tick the box that the password never expires, else you'll get some issues when the password expires.
just be sure that the users are actually logging in to the workstations on don't have them setup with no password.  This won't work if the workstation accounts don't have passwords.
techitch2Network Admin


I don't know where to add these users?  They do log on with passwords.  This machine is not doing DNS since there is no Domain.  So active directory is also not runnning.  I see no where to add user accounts.  I do see under "control panel" "stored usernames and passwords" but this looks like it's for this server to  log onto other servers.  Please advice.

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techitch2Network Admin


thank you
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