DHCP and the VLAN

We have two sites, one central site with a CISCO call manager, and a DHCP server. One remote site with users and Cisco phones. The phones are on a VLAN seperate to the DATA network at the remote sites.

I know all bout DHCP helpers etc. However my question is this:-

If the PC gets it IP from the Router via DHCP, how does the phone "know" to go down the link to the head office to contact the DHCP server there an not use the DHCP from the router?

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bkepfordConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As you said you just use the DHCP helper (relay agent) that will forward DHCP requests back to the main office. The DHCP scope for the PCs will just broadcast on the data vlan so it shouldn't affect your voice vlan. You can of cource set a DHCP server on the router for the voice vlan and just point the tftp server to the communications manager with option 150.
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