Still having a profile issue

I have a domain admin account that has a roaming profile.  Originally it was set to \\server1\profiles$\admin.ts .  I setup a new server and moved all user profiles to this new server using robocopy.  I then changed the profile path in AD to point to the new box \\server2\profiles$

This one domain admin account keeps looking at the old box for the profile, and if i stop sharing the old location then i get the message that windows cant locate your roaming profile message.

I really want this account to use the location on the new box.  Any idea why it keeps looking at the old box when it clearly has the path to the new one.
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Have you definately changed the correct field? There is a profile path under  the profile tab and another under Terminal Services Profile.
Another thing to check is Group Policy.  One can redirect profiles using GP.

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jduawaAuthor Commented:
definitely changed the right field and this user is in the default user folder in AD so isnt associated with an OU to have a GPO applied.
Does it matter which PCs / Servers they attempt to logon to?
There could still be a GPO applied to the system they are logging into if loop back processing in enabled.
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Two more thoughts:
1. Are you sure that your Domain Controllers are sync'ed up?
2. Try turning UserEnv logging on and see if the logs give you anything more:
Also take a look at this:

You may have a different GP for that user applied.  Check under GPMGMT and MAKE SURE that you don't have a linked or inherited GPO.


You may just have to setup the profile again.

jduawaAuthor Commented:
Wow i am an idiot....The profile under the terminal server tab was set differently, thanks
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