Create a Shared mailbox in MS Exchange 2007


What is the best way to create a shared mailbox in MS Exchange 2007.

I am also using MS Outlook 2007.

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bob_the_builderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also, take a look at this for further info:


See the attached article:

It needs to be done via that the EMS rather than the EMC.


One thing you will have to keep in mind is rights each user has to the mailbox.  Suppose five people share the mailbox and one person reads and deletes an e-mail before the other four read it.  Would that be acceptable?  If not you would give one person full rights and others only read access.  An alternative of course to a shared mailbox is a distribution list so that each user has their own copy of the messages and can do what they will with them without affecting others.  The downside is this can consume more space in your InformationStore.  Also with a shared mailbox it is not possible to have "rules" automatically act on the messages.  Such rules only act on your own mailbox though someone can manually run rules against the messages in the mailbox, for instance to sort them into subfolders. Again it would be a question of do you allow one person to sort the messages, if that is desired, or use a DL and let each person sort their own copies as they see fit? Perhaps i am not answering your question, perhaps you already know these things and simply needed syntax of how to create it in which case your question has been already answered by someone else.
closingusaAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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