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How do you change the "read" setting in outlook when email is read on a BlackBerry

NSeybert asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-08-14
When I reading an email on my BlackBerry Curve, it marks it "read" on my computer. The problem is, I don't read emails as thoroughly and I don't respond 100% of the time while on my phone especially if the email requires a long response and/or I need to research something first prior to responding. Then it doesn't show up as "new" when I get back in the office and I forget about the email until it's been too long to respond without looking unprofessional.

So my question is, how do I change the setting in Outlook to make it NOT change emails to "read" that have been opened on my BlackBerry?
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Can you highlight the file and right-click to a menu that lists "mark as unread" or if highlighted is there a menu above that offers the same function?


I know how to do that, I don't want to have to remember the next morning how many emails I read on my phone and how many I need to respond to that I didn't the previous night or through the weekend.

My question is how do I make my BlackBerry not even communicate with my outlook on what was read and what wasn't?

I am not familiar with Blackberry but I am guessing you need to change the settings in Blackberry to do this.  There may be a setting in the Blackberry that increases the number of seconds you view a message before it marks the message as "read."  Just increase that time limit to a longer nmuber of seconds.
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I am not sure if there is any such setting... You can check the rule's in Outlook and configure them accordingly.... AFAIK there is no rule over there which can mark a rule unread...instead u can flag it or mark them as important... Also if you want you can create a PST and move a copy of email into that folder... Those moved mails will show as unread*.... you can check it out and see how it goes....


Jonny -

So far so good on your solution. I'm going to run with this for an hour or so and see if it truly works or if I'm just excited!



Nevermind - I just closed outlook and had a co-worker send me an email and it worked! Thanks Jonny!! This is awesome!!

Thanks so much! A+!


Very fast answer and works perfectly! Thanks Jonny!!
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