[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL server]Cannot open database requested by the login. the login failed

Hi Dear Experts, I am facing the following error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL server]Cannot open database requested by the login. the login failed when i call the following command in sql2005, bcp [servername].[dbo].[tablename] out c:\T1Export.csv  -w    -t\t -S machinename-U sa -Ppassword.
the command works fine on my machine, but not on the customer site.
my machine is a development machine but on the customer machine i just have sql server ,no MS office and no MDAC. Do i need to install any thing. I very much appriciate any help. thanks.
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It cannot work if the command is really "bcp [servername].[dbo].[tablename] out ..." and the database name is different from sarvername.

It should be:
"bcp [databasename].[dbo].[tablename] out ..."

You may also look if the sa user is enabled.
APHComputersLtdAuthor Commented:
Hi Pcelba,
Thanks for your reply, I noticed that i had typing mistake in my question, it is databasename which i used after bcp.
re the sa user, i can  login using sql authent. by user sa although when you look at the security\users node under the specified database i have users such as dbo,buildin administrators,,,,, but not sa explicityly. but the dbo loginnn. although i have the user sa declared under the selected server, please find attached snapshot. Hope this could give you some ideas about where the problem is.
Many thanks.
User dbo uses sa login. You have to look at logins for the whole SQL Server. If the sa login has the red arrow near its name (like user guest on your snapshot picture) then it is disabled. Double click the sa login to view/change its properties (like disabled status, password, etc.). The standard setting for sa login is "disabled" due to the security resons.

Also look at User mappings page on sa properties window. sa login should have mapped your database.
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APHComputersLtdAuthor Commented:
The sa user doesn't have a red arrow  next to it and it is enabled.
but i just come acoross the following :
When i run BCP master..sysobjects out c:\sysobjects.txt -c -t, -T , it works and creates the file but if i run bcp [HKTest].[dbo].[tbfinalreport] out c:\ScheduleReport.csv  -c -t, -T , it does come up with a login failure. please see attached

APHComputersLtdAuthor Commented:
I forgot to tell you that i am doing RemoteDesktop to the customer site. As you probably noticed the bcp command that doesn;t have any -T switch does ask for a password but no matther whether i type in the windows administrator password or sql password it doesn't like it. I am sure it is something to do with the login set up on this server, please help . Thanks.
If the user who has trusted login (-T parameter) allowed can access master database then it must be possible to allow him other database usage.

You have to do it on Server level: Security - Logins. Double click on the login which is logged on the remote computer and on the "User mappings" page map the hktest database to him.
APHComputersLtdAuthor Commented:
I figured it out but i am not sure why its acting like this, in the command below if we remove the pair of brackets around the database name and leave the rest it works.
so it should be  bcp HKTest.[dbo].[tbfinalreport] out c:\ScheduleReport.csv  -c -t, -T  
instead of  bcp [HKTest].[dbo].[tbfinalreport] out c:\ScheduleReport.csv  -c -t, -T

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Interesting. Above syntax should be equivalent for SQL Server. But it is not true for bcp utility... I am learning instead of helping.

So, please assign your last comment as the accepted answer to preserve it for future references.

And thanks!
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