Is my email corrupt???

I'm running a very simple loop:
            echo "$i-------------------";
            echo "<P>";
      } while ($i<600);

If I go through the mailbox from 558 to 600 it spits out a nice fetchstructure for all the emails.  But, if I go from 557 to 600, it says:

 "Warning: imap_fetchstructure() [function.imap-fetchstructure]: No body information available"

For every single email.  Does this make sense to anyone?  What could be in 557 that would cause all future fetchbody's to fail?

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hrolsonsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I created a new mailbox and I'm no longer having problems, so I suspect it was corrupt.
Is there any text in the body of that email?
hrolsonsAuthor Commented:
It appears to be blank.  I did imap_savebody() and it was blank.
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