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Aggregate report

vblycos asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-07
I have following data in my input sql server 2005 database table:
a) Agreed date
b) End date
c) Frequency - Monthly/Weekly
d) Number of payments

Ex: When agreed date = 7/1/2009, Frequency is Monthly, and Number of Payments is 4, it indicates that 4 future payments are expected and they are on: 7/1/2009, 8/1/2009, 9/1/2009 and 10/10/2009 (which is the End date also).

I need to aggregate this data into a report having:

X axis - Months (from current month to 12 months)
Y axis - Current month dates.

My sample input data and output report are attached here. How can I achieve this in a stored procedure in Sql Server 2005?

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Vow..the solution helps. It took me some time to understand the solution, but I am glad that I learned new stuff with recursive queries and pivot. I accept the solution.

I am posting a followup question to this solution to accomodate these changes,

1) The report above shows only for "Agreeddates" in the table for that month. However, I would like to present for all the dates for that month from 1st of that month till end of that month. I am passing input parameter in the stored procedure as "Mon-Yr". For example, if i am passing "Jul-09" as the parameter, i would like to see all the dates from Jul-1-2009 to Jul-31-2009  as agreeddates regardless they have data or not. If no data , show the counts as zeroes.

2) Also, insted of showing 12 months from January to December, I would like to show 12 months from the input parameter date. For example, if input parameter is 'Jul-09', then I would like to show 12 months from Jul-09 to Jul-10 instead of January to Decmeber.



Awesome solution. Thank You, I learned about recursive CTE with pivot. Great help.
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