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Wake up computers and run WSUS updates and shutdown computers

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Last Modified: 2013-11-09

I would like to be able to wake my HP workstations (they all are Small Form Factor pc's) and run updates provided by my WSUS server then shutdown when completed.  I have WSUS working fine but users get annoyed everyday when they shutdown that updates are ready to be installed. Some users dont do updates and the pc gets out of synch with updates.  All workstation have WOL set in the bios.

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Here's my recommendation, keep the computers on and schedule the update installs on the weekends.  There should not be new updates everyday, once a month maybe.   If you really want WOL, you can use SCCM, and install your updates through there. But WSUS handles updates much better and easier.
DonNetwork Administrator

Read here:
Enabling Windows Update Power Management to automatically wake up the system to install scheduled updates (WSUS 3.0)  
Specifies whether the Windows Update will use the Windows Power Management features to automatically wake up the system from hibernation, if there are updates scheduled for installation.
Windows Update will only automatically wake up the system if Windows Update is configured to install updates automatically. If the system is in hibernation when the scheduled install time occurs and there are updates to be applied, then Windows Update will use the Windows Power management features to automatically wake the system up to install the updates.
Windows update will also wake the system up and install an update if an install deadline occurs.
The system will not wake unless there are updates to be installed.  If the system is on battery power, when Windows Update wakes it up, it will not install updates and the system will automatically return to hibernation in 2


I would like to use WOL without SCCM and still use WSUS I found wol.exe could this be scripted. I doubt I will get funding approved to purchase SCCm because if recent ICT infrastructure upgrade.  Would be nice though.
DonNetwork Administrator

Did you even read my comment? There is a group policy that can be set.

 "Enabling Windows Update Power Management to automatically wake up the system to install scheduled updates"

This also called WOL



yeah I did, correct me if I am wrong, the above only works if the pc is in hybernation mode, correct?  Or does it also work if the pc has been shutdown ?  Apologies for ignorance.
Network Administrator
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Waking up from Hibernation is not the same as WOL.  That group policy setting only works for machines that are hibernating, not if it's shutdown. WOL works even if a machine is shutdown.  WSUS does not have WOL capabilities, you need SCCM 2007.
DonNetwork Administrator

And since all companies cant afford every software available and are left using WSUS.
A Wake-on LAN solution won't be fully successful. One of the dependencies of
WSUS is that the download of the content has been successfully completed
before the scheduled installation time. If a system is powered off before
this download completes, triggering a Wake-On-LAN won't help with the
installation. In addition, since everything is driven by the agent on the
client system, that agent can't initiate anything if the machine is powered

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