File size changing during transfer via FTP


Interesting situation here.

FileA is located in 2 directories (Dir1 & Dir2) and is IDENTICAL in size and content.

FileA is dropping in size from 2341k to 2254 when it is FTP'd to server to Dir2 on the server.  Why??!

FileA is NOT being re-sized during FTP to Dir1

***The files which coexist with FIleA in Dir1 and Dir2 are NOT identical to eachother...close, but not exactly the same.

What I've tried so far:
-Renaming FileA on server to FileA_old then re-uploading local copy of FileA = same result.
-Deleting FileA on server to FileA_old then re-uploading local copy of FileA = same result.
-Deleting Dir1 then created a new Dir1 then upload the version of FileA which transferred correctly to Dir2 = same result!

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JT92677Connect With a Mentor Commented:

If you use Binary even for an ASCII or formatted ASCII (HTML) it will use the filesize attribute to determine the end of the file, instead of looking at ^Z (Control-Z) which is the "end of file" when interpreted as an ASCII or text type file.

You could also use the free FireFTP "add on" for Mozilla Firefox as a test FTP client. I've used it inside my own network to test the FTP directories on my FTP server signing in as different users.

It's a nice FTP client worth having in Firefox for other FTP transfers as well.

what OS are you using and wht is the type of file are these files?
tdunn71Author Commented:

OS = WinXPpro
Filetype = HTML
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can you give real example with actual file sizes
tdunn71Author Commented:

Those ARE the real sizes.  

The file starts off in the local dir as 2341k then once its FTP'd it drops to 2254k.  Again, this only happens when its transferred into Dir2 and NOT Dir1.

Can other files in Dir2 dictate the size or content of a file coming in??  I don't see how - but I have to ask at this point.

JT92677Connect With a Mentor Commented:
A long shot -- is the file transfer mode binary or ascii?

I'd be inclined to use a different FTP program as a check to see if the one you're using is handling the transfer correctly.

A second test would be to transfer a smaller file or larger file, something other than the one you're using to test.

What you're describing is clearly not even close to normal behavior.

tdunn71Author Commented:

The file is HTML/ASCII.

I will try a different FTP client.

All other files which are being transferred into this directory are staying intact and unchanged.

And I have NEVER seen this type of behavior!  Weird stuff.

td - what did you finally do?

Try different FTP program?
Determine it was something about the file itself?
Gave up? Never got it to work?


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