Emails are delayed by 5 minutes

Today we started seeing email delivery slowness in our Excahnge 2007 environment.

Emails, whether being sent internally or externally seem to take 5-7 minutes to be received on the other end, whereas it used to be pretty much instantly delivered in the past.

What can be causing this? What can I check?
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NpatangConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you relally want to clean all the mail check this

Clearing out Exchange SMTP queues using AQADMCLI
Is there any warnings of Antivirus in App log
You need to look in Message Tracking to see where the delay is. AV or antispam is the usual culprit.

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OdyChrisAuthor Commented:
We have a service that used for archiving all emails... that uses Journaling. I have turned that Journaling off for the time being, yet it seems emails are still majorly delayed. Last Friday we were at 3-5 minute delays, today we are experiencing 10-15 minute delays. Internally... Thats nuts... BTW. I have temporarily removed the antivirus too... JUST for now, our inbound emails are already getting scanned by our antiSPAM device before they hit the Exchange 2007 server.
Is there anything more I can look for, or do to get this working right again? People have been accustomed to receiving emails instantly internally, so a 10-15 minute delay is killing productivity.
Please assist... Thanks guys!
As meshtha suggested check in the message tracking .. youwill see exaxtly where is the delay
OdyChrisAuthor Commented:
Im seeing some 54000 emails in the queue for the local server... all that seem to be queued are from the same Message Source Name which is "Journaling"... is there a shell script I can run to suspend these? I turned off our Journaling because looking at this I suspect its the culprit...
Can anyone help me with the script to suspend or remove these Journaling emails fromm the queue? Please...
Thx in advance.
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