How to get around form post limit

I'm developing an app that needs to save a large chunk of text data to a database. I've noticed if I exceed 64,000 characters (64k) when I submit my form it will truncate to 64k. I'm using the POST method of the form.

Is there a way to circumvent this limitation? The website is being hosted at a third party company so I don't have the option of changing any settings on the server-side, like in IIS.

I noticed Google Docs has a limit of 500k per document, but I bet they host their own web servers as well and can make changes to the POST limit on their servers.

Is there any other way around this? Can I use something other than a form to submit user entered data to the server that would have a higher limit? Or is my only hope changing settings on the actual server? Thanks for your help!
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Maybe you can make an AJAX call which will split the content on parts of acceptable sizes

then on server side just join splited parts. That is just an idea, not tested solution

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skinneejoeAuthor Commented:
I thought about that and that would be an acceptable solution, but I'm not sure how to implement something like that.

let's say before the user hits save I run a check to see what size the data is. Then I split the string into acceptable sizes as you say. But then how do I send it over? Would I have to just loop a function that performed multiple database updates appending all the data into one? It seems like this would require a lot of database calls, which would slow the saving process down quite a bit.

Am I thinking this through wrong?
look at the javascript prototype library. There are good examples of AJAX calls.
About the split process you can use string obejct method and propety

you can call your custom function in a button onclick event and even do not submit the form. Just make AJAX call to server.

Yes you will make more than one update on the sting on server side in this case.

skinneejoeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for info. I understand the AJAX part of it I was just hoping I could avoid making more than one database update.

Any other thoughts? Otherwise I will try the AJAX method in the meantime and see how much it slows things down. Thanks!
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
Never heard of a post limit

sounds like a limit on your server - perhaps in the "glob" or whatever you want to save it in

There is a limit on GET and on URL
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