How to access a printer via http?

Often we would have one of our network printers change its IP address and the way to get around it is to print out its configuration page which would have a record of the IP address of the printer which is accessible via and reset it back to its correct IP address and the printer would start working again.

Now this particular printer somehow changed its IP yesterday and I printed out the configuration page. The IP is listed as and the Subnet Mask is NOT SPECIFIED. The IP is not the range of IP's we use on our LAN so I can't access it via http.

Does anyone have any idea how to get around this problem.
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The type and model of printer you have would be helpful. Some printers have ways to reset the nic card back to defaults via button combos. If you give more info I may be able to help more on this route.

With that said you could always manually set a computers ip address that resides near it into the same subnet as the printer is currently set. Then you would be able to access it that way and reset as you do normally.
SteveNetwork ManagerCommented:
Ive got a client who's got a printer doing the exact same thing.. (an older HP laserjet).. turned out that it was getting minor power surges so we put a small UPS on it and it hasnt done it again..

but yes, as Diesel79 stated, just reconfigure a PC with a static IP address of for instance with a subnet mask of and g/w address of and you'll be able to browse to the printer to change the IP back to where you want it..  then once the printer is printing the right configuration, simply change your PC back to what it was before and you're away..
KapeniAuthor Commented:
The printer is a HP Laser Jet 5. I tried the solution suggested by changing my IP to a static of and subnet mask of and gateway address of and tried to again. I still wasn't able to acess the printer via http.

When I reset my IP to the usual one, I could http any printer on mynetwork except this HPLaser Jet 5.

Any more suggestions from you would be much appreciated.
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Turn it off, press and hold the ONLINE button, turn printer on and wait for a message like "cold reset" then release ONLINE button.
This should reset the printer and jetdirect card to factory defaults and you may be able to access it again. Just reprint your config pages after this is done to get the ip again as it should have changed. These jetdirect cards are also notorious for simply going bad which is another possibility. Most of the time when they are bad if you print a config page you will not get one with the network settings but i have seen them be bad and still give their config - its just not as common. I probably have 50 or more of this model and probably replace 5 to 10 jet direct cards per year in them.
When you changed your ip did you try to simply ping the printer? If so, did it respond?
KapeniAuthor Commented:
I did try to ping the printer but it didn't respond. Since its not acquiring any of our IP addresses, could the jetdirect card be faulty?

I also did the COLD RESET thing this morning and this time the IP address is displayed as .

If the jetdirect card is faulty, its probably time to get a new printer as this one is a few years old.
KapeniAuthor Commented:
I tried again today by changing my IP to, subnet and gateway . I was able to ping but I still coudn't .

Is it time to get a new printer?
KapeniAuthor Commented:
I found a solution from a colleague who mentioned that our HP Laserjet 5 cannot be accessed via http.

change IP of your computer
telnet to printer telnet
type / to display details for the printer (this will show IP, MAC, subnet, etc)
type ? for help to show how to change the IP (it'll show you what to type to change IP eg, ip:, etc)
quit to save the changes & that's it.  
Switch printer off & on.

And the above resolved this problem.

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KapeniAuthor Commented:
A solution has been found thus the request to close.
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