Remote Web Workplace - Linux or Firefox

I like using Linux as my personal notebook OS for several reasons, mostly just trying different OS's.  The one thing that I can't seem to figure out is how to log on to my computer at work with remote web workplace in SBS2003.

I can check my emails fine,, but when I try to log on to my work computer, the activex problem always comes up.

IE4Linux does NOT work very well, especially when I try to log on to the just crashes (This is in every Linux OS and with mulltiple computers).

Wine doors does the Same.

What I want is a way to log on to my work computer with Firefox or whatever other dependable way.

That is the ONLY thing keeping me from using Linux consistently as my main OS.

Anyone have a way of doing this or a good link to check out?


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rickprefConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
After a lot of googling and trying everything I can find, basically the easiest way of logging on to the exchange server client computers is installing Windows virtually.  I use virtualbox and have had no problems.

Oh well.

Thanks for the input.
Marc ZCommented:
Rick, depending on your workplace, they might stop lan access thorugh vpn, if you use vpn.

Otherwise, check out
rickprefAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but I need something for Linux. From what I see of this software it's for Windows and Mac. I am currently using Mint 7.  I was able to log on once using user agent switcher although I have not been able to log on again.
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rickprefAuthor Commented:
also, that would let me log on to the server since it is the one connected to the Static IP, but not on my workstation.
Marc ZCommented:
Logmein has this on their forums.  you are runing a browser on Mint, correct?
LogMeIn Linux Browser Plugin

Again, though, what does your employer prefer you to use?
rickprefAuthor Commented:
Will this let me login to Exchange through remote web workplace?  The server is the only one on a static IP...the workstations are on a local domain.  Wouldn't this just let me log on to the Server only?
Marc ZCommented:
LogMeIn will let you log into the local machine that you install it on.  You will have to be able to install it on your computer at work, which is what you asked about initially.

Theoretically, if you can log into Exchange through remote web workplace on your work computer, you should be able to do it through Logmein. Logmein should log you in to your work computer to work on the work computer as if you were sitting in front of it.

I think the two biggest questions I would ask would be, does my company allow me to work from my computer, if I am not sitting in front of it?
And, will I lose my job if I do this and don't run it by IT first?
rickprefAuthor Commented:
oh...ok, I got you now...I guess I didn't read the full description of Logmein.  So this software installs on BOTH computers.  OK...I'll try it tomorrow and see what happens.
Marc ZCommented:
No, actually, once it is installed on your work computer, you can then go to the website( in any computer, log in there, then log into the computer that you installed the software to.  You do not HAVE to have logmein installed on your Notebook, you just have to have a browser (I use Firefox, but not on linux) so you are actually looking at your work computer through your browser, not through direct connection from Notebook to work computer.
For firefox you do need a plugin installed on the PC you are using to connect to the other from. Anyway, as far as I know you really need a m$ OS if you want to use RWW directly, as this uses ActiveX which is something only m$ has. So Logmein is a good option. A further possibility, but that depends on your Server OS, would be to use rdesktop to connect to the server in a terminal server session (SBS only allows administrators to use that option, and if you have an extra TS server you need the licenses), and then from the Server you could use RWW to connect to your workplace.
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