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XP Machine can't logon to RWW SBS 08

gstyling asked
Last Modified: 2013-11-30
Hi everyone,

I currently have a computer that I have installed a certificate on and made a successful VPN connection to a small business 2008 server.

The problem is that I cannot logon to the SBS 08 RWW home page. I can ping the remote server but just cannot seem to get through to RWW in the browser.

Please help!
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Have you opened/forwarded ports 80,443 and 987 on your router/firewall to the servers internal ip address ? Does the https://remote.yourdomain.com/ throw up a 404 or another error ?


Thanks realtec,

Yes these ports have been opened and I can access RWW from another XP machine.

the https://remote.ourdomain.com throws up a: this page cannot be displayed error. But I can ping the server successfully so the VPN is definitely working.

I noticed that there are a number of windows updates to be installed. I will ask my boss to install the updates and try again.

Do you have any other ideas? My next thought was to check the firewall on my bosses modem/router. However, I cannot get into the router as they do not have a password and the default modem password doesnt work.

Also, my boss is using remote login to another server on a different user account on the same machine. I am not sure if this would affect RWW.

Hi, Ok a few questions;

Has the remote PC been joined to a domain?
What does he want to see  Emails, files, Remote Desktop to a PC ?
Can the RWW be accessed internally https://yourservername/remote ?

Also, a VPN is not necessary to access RWW.


Thanks realtec,

I have set it up on an XP and Vista machine and accessed emails, files, remote desktop through remote.domain.com so it definitely works.

To get it to work through the browser however, I had to access remote.domain.com through a VPN which then allows me to have access to the internal address (remote.domain.com). The reason for this is that we have a dynamic IP address so I have had to set up a DNS updater.

I have followed the exact same process for two machines which work perfectly, however this one XP machine cannot access remote.domain.com however can ping the server's local IP and I cannot work out why.

I don't have a lot of experience with Remote Web Workplace. Is there a better way to do it?

Thanks again.


Should have mentioned that I didnt join it to the domain. The machine is using XP home. I am not sure if there is even a domain option in the home edition? However the other machine I got it to work on is also XP home and I didnt need to register it on the domain.
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Okay, I am one step closer to getting this to work through a browser. Thanks for your help realtec.

However, now when I type the remote address I get an IIS7 splash page??? I have done some searching and can't see anyone that has had a similar problem???

Do I need to enable/disable IIS for this to work?


How do I get the External IP to point to RWW and not IIS?


Sorry guys, I am a noob. It would help if I used https and type remote as the folder name.

All working as it should now!

Thanks again realtec. Your points are well deserved and your patience is astounding :)
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