Wake On Lan Via Internet

I am looking for a way to turn on and/or resume from sleep my pc's.  Wake on lan works fine on my local network but I need to be able to do it when I am away so I can remote into the machines.  

I have tried to use www.depicus.com wake over internet tool but have had no luck.  I tried on my Netgear router to forward the Magic Packet to the broadcast ID of the network but it didn't work.  I can't just forward the port to the pc ip because once the computer is turned off there is no ip to forward to.  I also tried tricking the router into sending a broadcast packet by changing the subnet mask to and forward packets with destination ports 7 to ip address, which is the broadcast ip address for the subnet but still no luck.  I know the packets aren't making it to the lan because I am using a packet sniffer.

I also tried purchasing a wrvs4400n vpn router from  linksys/cisco.  I would vpn in to my network and then try to send a magic packet but the router will not pass braodcast packets via vpn.  Cisco tech support said there is no way for the router to pass broadcast packets.

Any suggestions of equipment or settings to make this work.  I know I have seen routers in the past that had the option to log in to the router via the WAN port and then send a magic packet from the router.  I can't find one of those anymore and don't remember the model of the number of the one I saw.  I don't care how I get this done I just need to wake the computers up remotely (only one restrcition I can't wake them up with a phone call since I don't have phone service).

Thanks in advance for any help on this matter
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Why don't you just purchased a router that supports forwarding packets to broadcast address? I don't see the reason for this VPN thing. Anywy, you're correct that offline PCs doesn't have an IP, but your router maybe should hold the lease of your computer with IP and mac, even when its off. Try that. My router also doesn't support broadcast forwarding, but it holds my PCs lease, so finally, I selected forwarding the packet to my PC and it worked. And also worked when my PC was off.
mdrapizaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply

"Why don't you just purchased a router that supports forwarding packets to broadcast address?"

That's what I am looking for suggestions on.  I dont know what router will do this.

" but your router maybe should hold the lease of your computer with IP and mac, even when its off"

this does work but only temporarily.  The router will hold the mac address for the reserved ip until the lease expires, which is usually a day.  After that the ip to mac address arp   entry is deleted from the router arp table and the router doesn't know where to forward the packet.  Actually most routers keep the dhcp reservation for a day, but the arp entry is deleted way before that making this soultion work for only minutes after the computer is turned off.

Thanks again for your reply, I am still in need of a solution that will allow me to wake a computer that has been off for days.

Before you buy a new router just for this, have you tried setting a higher lease time or adding a static ARP entry to the router? At my home, I did the same and now it works. I didn't count the maximum days which it still works with. If it doesn't work for you I'll try to search some broadcast forward capable routers.
To make like much easier for yourself, I would just buy a Linksys WRT-54GL router and install DD-WRT on it.

You can get them cheap and they're very stable.



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Rob WilliamsCommented:
I have not tried the service in the following link but it may be of some help. It is supposed to work with a larger number of routers:
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