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Advice please. I have made a VB.NET web services request, and receive back the file which appears to be an XML Element. I am having difficulty trying to work out howto access the returned data.
I am first getting the access key ok which I am then passing to pick up into a variable called ddata. I am initialising that as an object, or even as an XMLElement, which is what is seems to be, but I can't then work out how to access the response. Help please
Dim webserviceanswer As New au.com.tab.direct.Login()
        Dim paramet As String
        paramet = webserviceanswer.GetKey("ian.chXXXXsen@hotmail.com", "XXXXX")
        '---Use the key to get the race summary
        Dim webservice As New au.com.tab.direct1.Racing
        Dim ddata As New Object ' Xml.XmlElement

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Bob LearnedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you talking about getting back XML in the 'paramet' value after calling 'webserviceanswer.GetKey'?
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