Flash reading Arabic

Hi experts,
I have a flash components downloaded from one of the websites on the internet "Flashden.net" It's an image viewer and it's great. I want to integrate this FC with my CMS, so I linked that FC data source with a .php file and it worked just fine except that it doesn't read Arabic font. !! I tried all possible solutions like:
1. Add this : System.useCodePage=true; to the first line of the .as reading data file.
2. I tried all the unicode possibilities and I'm sure that my data is UTF8 compatible
3. I changed the first line of the .xml file into many different enicodes as well.

All of which didn't work with me and the best result I got is that the Arabic font turnes into "????????". Could anyone tell me what to do please?

You can download the source files form here:

Best Regards,
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Embed the arabic fonts.
ShopiesAuthor Commented:
I embeded the font as instructed in the first link but it didn't work. It gave me several errors when I came to export the file. Here is the code I used:
package {
import flash.display.Sprite;
import flash.text.Font;
public class FontFileGoudy extends Sprite
//here image/Goudy.ttf points to the font file relative to this file
[Embed(source="Arial.ttf", fontName="Goudy",fontWeight="bold", mimeType="application/x-font-truetype")]
private var font1:Class;
public function fontFile()
trace(Embedded font in loaded swf);
Font.registerFont(font1);//registers font
trace(registered font);

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Show the code on how you integrate with the CMS.

Also show the errors.
ShopiesAuthor Commented:
Okay, below you will see the PHP code:
And the errors I get when I export the .fla file into .swf is attached

FUNCTION update_xml()
		require "config.php";
		include_once "class.TemplatePower.inc.php";
		$tpl = new TemplatePower("components/product_viewer/items.xml");
		$tpl -> prepare();
		include_once 'ez_sql_core.php';
		include_once 'ez_sql_mysql.php';
		$ez = new ezSQL_mysql($config['db_user'],$config['db_password'],$config['db_name'],$config['db_server']);
		$ez->query("SET NAMES cp1256");
		IF($products_list = $ez->get_results("SELECT id,title,picture,details FROM album ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 3",ARRAY_A))
		FOREACH($products_list AS $rows)
			$tpl -> newBlock("items");
			$tpl -> assign($rows);	
		$xmlfile = fopen("components/product_viewer/products.xml",'w+');		
		$xmlfile = fwrite($xmlfile,$tpl->getOutputContent());

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No I don't need the PHP code, I just want to see how you used the component.

The errors are caused because you put the code on a frame instead in a .as file. However, anyway just post how you use the component, not the php code, but the as code.

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ShopiesAuthor Commented:
I don't know what do you mean by the .as code? If you mean the FC .as file then you could find it below, but if you mean how do I embed the FC in my CMS then I just use an iframe.!! Does this answer your question?>
package com.ronnieswietek.productslider
	* Note: This file uses the free tweening engine: TweenLite. 
	* I have direct permission from Jack Doyle(Author of TweenLite to
	* distribute TweenLite, TweenFilterLite or TweenMax with any of my 
	* files on flashden). Please download it here if you have to:
	* http://blog.greensock.com/tweenliteas3/
	* Please view help.txt for information on how to setup a product slider
	// Import neccessary class files used in this product slider class
	import gs.TweenFilterLite;
	import gs.TweenLite;
	import gs.easing.Expo;
	import flash.display.*;
	import flash.events.*;
	import flash.display.BlendMode;
	import flash.text.TextField;
	import flash.text.TextFieldAutoSize;
	import flash.net.navigateToURL;
	import flash.net.URLLoader;
	import flash.net.URLRequest;
	public class ProductSlider extends MovieClip
		// Private variables that should not be changed!
		// Everything set here is in the XML
		private var yPos					:Number;
		private var imageSpacing			:Number;
		private var slideTweenDuration		:Number;
		private var blurInDuration			:Number;
		private var blurOutDuration			:Number;
		private var newX					:Number = 0;
		private var currentIndex			:Number = 0;
		private var prevIndex				:Number = 0;
		private var product					:MovieClip;
		private var nextBtn					:MovieClip;
		private var prevBtn					:MovieClip;
		private var mainHolder				:MovieClip;
		private var titleField				:TextField;
		private var subtitleField			:TextField;
		private var source					:String;
		private var title					:String;
		private var subtitle				:String;
		private var itemURL					:String;
		private var useMouseWheel			:String;
		private var temp					:Object;
		private var data					:Array;
		private var xmlData					:XML;
		private var xmlList					:XMLList;
		private var xmlLoader				:URLLoader;
		public function ProductSlider(xml:String)
			// Load the XML
			xmlLoader						= new URLLoader();
			xmlLoader.load(new URLRequest(xml));
			xmlLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onComplete);
		private function onComplete(e:Event):void
			// Setup the movie clips for ease of access.
			mainHolder						= (parent as MovieClip).mainHolder;
			nextBtn							= (parent as MovieClip).next;
			prevBtn							= (parent as MovieClip).prev;
			titleField						= (parent as MovieClip).titletxt;
			subtitleField					= (parent as MovieClip).subtitletxt;
			// The data array contains all of the XML for easy access to the data anywhere.
			data							= new Array();
			xmlData							= new XML(xmlLoader.data);
			xmlList							= new XMLList(xmlData.item);
			yPos							= xmlData.attribute("yPosition");
			imageSpacing					= xmlData.attribute("imageSpacing");
			useMouseWheel					= xmlData.attribute("useMouseWheel");
			slideTweenDuration				= xmlData.attribute("slideTweenDuration");
			blurInDuration					= xmlData.attribute("blurInDuration");
			blurOutDuration					= xmlData.attribute("blurOutDuration");
			for (var i:int = 0; i < xmlList.length(); i++)
				// Loop through the xml and store it to the data array.
				temp						= new Object();
				source						= xmlList[i].@source
				title						= xmlList[i].@title;
				subtitle					= xmlList[i].@subtitle;
				itemURL						= xmlList[i].@itemURL;
				temp.source					= source;
				temp.title					= title;
				temp.subtitle				= subtitle;
				temp.itemURL				= itemURL;
			// Initiate the products!
		private function initProducts():void
			for (var i:int = 0; i < data.length; i++)
				// new ProductHolder() is the movie clip found in the library with linkage id of ProductHolder.
				// Each product will be inside one of these.
				product						= new MovieClip();
				product.x					= imageSpacing + (i * imageSpacing);
				product.id					= i;
				mainHolder.y				= yPos;
				var imgRequest:URLRequest 	= new URLRequest(data[i].source);
				var imgLoader:Loader 		= new Loader();
				product.buttonMode			= true;
				product.useHandCursor		= true;
				product.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, launchProductURL);
				if (useMouseWheel == "true")
					// if useMouseWheel is true in the XML you will be able to scroll the products with the mouse wheel.
					stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_WHEEL, mouseWheelEvent);
				imgLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, completeHandler);
				imgLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.INIT, initHandler);
				imgLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, ioErrorHandler);
			// setup events for the arrows
			prevBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, moveItemsLeft);
			prevBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, navigationOver);
			prevBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, navigationOut);
			prevBtn.buttonMode				= true;
			prevBtn.useHandCursor			= true;
			nextBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, moveItemsRight);
			nextBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, navigationOver);
			nextBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, navigationOut);
			nextBtn.buttonMode				= true;
			nextBtn.useHandCursor			= true;
			titleField.mouseEnabled			= false;
			subtitleField.mouseEnabled		= false;
		private function navigationOver(e:MouseEvent):void
		private function navigationOut(e:MouseEvent):void
		private function launchProductURL(e:MouseEvent):void
			// This function gets called when you click on a product
			navigateToURL(new URLRequest(data[e.currentTarget.id].itemURL),"_blank");
		private function loadText(itemID:Number):void
			// Blur the text and change it to the correct text
			TweenFilterLite.to(titleField,blurInDuration,{blurFilter:{blurX:10, blurY:10, quality:3}});
			TweenFilterLite.to(subtitleField,blurInDuration,{blurFilter:{blurX:10, blurY:10, quality:3},onComplete:undoBlur});
			titleField.text					= data[itemID].title;
			subtitleField.text				= data[itemID].subtitle;
			//Slide the arrows over to accomidate subtitle field width change
			subtitleField.autoSize			= TextFieldAutoSize.CENTER;
		private function undoBlur():void
			// Now unblur the text
			TweenFilterLite.to(titleField,blurOutDuration,{blurFilter:{blurX:0, blurY:0, quality:3}});
			TweenFilterLite.to(subtitleField,blurOutDuration,{blurFilter:{blurX:0, blurY:0, quality:3}});
		private function moveItemsRight(e:MouseEvent):void
			currentIndex 					+= 1;
			if (currentIndex > (data.length - 1))
				// End of the product line
				currentIndex 				= (data.length - 1);
				// Slide mainHolder to show next product
				newX						= Math.round(currentIndex * (imageSpacing * -1));
		private function moveItemsLeft(e:MouseEvent):void
			currentIndex					-= 1;
			if (currentIndex < 0)
				// Beginning of the product line
				currentIndex = 0;
				// Slide mainHolder to show next product
				newX						= Math.round(currentIndex * (imageSpacing * -1));
		private function mouseWheelEvent(e:MouseEvent):void
			// slide the items by the mouse wheel
			if (e.delta > 0)
		private function initHandler(e:Event):void
			// After the image is done loading, set its alpha to 0 and set its registration point to the middle horizontally.
			e.target.content.alpha			= 0;
			e.target.content.x				= -e.target.content.width * 0.5;
		private function completeHandler(e:Event):void
			// After the init call, fade the image in.
		private function progressHandler(e:ProgressEvent):void
			// You can do what you like with this progress event. It just tells the status of loading image 0%-100%.
			//trace(e.bytesLoaded / e.bytesTotal);
		private function ioErrorHandler(e:IOErrorEvent):void
			trace("invalid source url");

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Can you link me to your site? I would like to see the ??? text.
ShopiesAuthor Commented:
I'm working locally. I gave you the complete source to download in my first post. Do you want me to attach the .php file?
I need your .xml file.
ShopiesAuthor Commented:
Here it is. Please change the file extension into .xml
I need the .xml file with the Arabic words, not English words so I can test. I do not know Arabic nor do I have Arabic fonts on my computer so I need you to provide me with both the font and the .xml with Arabic text.
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