Converting 500 roaming profiles from Windows 2000 to Terminal Server user profiles.

Help I'm stuck!

We've got about 500 users, all at one point had PC's, and had roaming profiles, and all different kind of software installed on their machines.
Their NTUSER.DAT files are huge, at least for Terminal Servers 2000 - weighing in at an average of 5MB's each, some a lot more.

What it means is we're only cramming around 8 to 10 users on each of our 4 Terminal Servers before we get "Cannot load your profile - out of registry space" when people try and log in.

The IT department's going to vanish under a pile of pitchforks and flaming torches before long - I can feel the dissident and hostile atmosphere when the poor IT department staff are roaming around.

I'm trying to find an automated way of grabbing a users old profile, squeezing out the rubbish, and putting a small 500KB version on the TS profile directory for them.

I've had no luck.

Also, I tried making myself a basic profile:
I set up My documents to point to my mapped U drive, turned on the task-bar clock, disabled personalised menus, connected Outlook to our server,  added desktop icons, and other fiddling.

I then tried copying my basic TS profile to my managers TS Profile, to see if the settings would transfer across. When I tried logging in with his profile, there was no system tray, and Outlook wouldn't start! I have no idea what else, as I logged out fast!

What works is the really slow manual way, working  through each users account by hand:

*Set their TS Profile to:
\\hff2004\TSProfiles\ **username**

*Move their AD record  to the "Users" group in AD. (unlocks their desktops)

*Log in as them via a Terminal Server

*Add the taskbar clock, turn off "personalised menus".

*Connect Outlook to the Outlook Server - and show the folder tree etc... (many people struggle to find it!)

*Connect "My Documents" to their mapped folder - U:\

*Enter the details for a few programs.

*Drag desktop files from \\hff2004\profiles\desktop\**USER** onto their desktop


*Move from AD "Users" to the right place in "AD to lock their account down.

It's a pain to do each one like this - It'll take the three of us 2 or 3 weeks to do this.

Has anyone get any ideas to help the process?
Ideally to get full points, is a solution that works, I'll give out points for *workable* suggestions too.

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ok that'S big list.. :D let's start

We migrated 200 users a couple months back at a client site and managed to migrate them in under 2 days with 2 techs

setting the TS profile: this can be done with group policies
moving the AD records: can be managed by script but I don't think this is userfull for now
clock: also can be shown with group policies
outlook settings: can be managed with group policies if you load the adm from office
my documents and desktop : we use redirected folders as it copies the data by itself

The way I would do it :

Create a brand new GPO
put all the basic software settings in it (outlook and others via registry keys exports)
setup folder redirection so the desktop and my documents are physically residing on a file server
setup the login script to move the data from the old place (desktop and docs)

then all you should have to do is manually move the users from the old gpo to the new one
and have your users log back in

I found that moving the users by groups of 10 to 25 at a time is better since you will prob need to do corrections with the users and that it doesn't put a massive load on the servers if you move them all and they login the next morning...

I would honestly drop out all the rest of the profile for each user so you won't have crap exported to your TS profiles (app data, etc...)

you could also redirect the application data folder.

so the setup is:
roaming profiles with no offline files settings on the share
folder rediection of my documents
folder redirection of desktop
folder redirection do application data
two shared folders on the file server : 1- roaming profiles, 2-redirected folders

you will also save on transfert time for your TS since in the future the my doc, desktop and application data won't be copied everytime you login and logout, they will only reside on your file server. This is the main reason why I don't just rely on roaming profiles alone they just make no sens by recopying the whole profile each time a user login or logout.

this setup allowed me to stuff 200 users on 3 TS server without a glitch and the users are more then happy of the login time improvement 3-5 second compared to the 30 sec or so when they were only roaming profiles.

let me know if you have further questions

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