DNS forwarding reliability issues with domain registar

Please forgive me for asking a question at the very basics of the internet , but i'm struggling to get a straight answer !

I use a "low cost" very well known domain name regestring company but we have had issues in the past with email forwarding reliability to our ISP's (pop3) and domain issues when using DNS web forwarding to our host's website.
I have been told by a guy in the know that their DNS server is a bit flakey and lacking backup resources.
The question is if i still use them for domain registration, but change the name server settings to our new host's server rather than use DNS forwarding will any trafic go via the domain registration companies servers ?

Is there a better option ? I have 4 core sites with around 100 domain names feeding them.
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Ugo MenaCommented:
as long as you have the DNS name servers of the more reliable host listed for the domains you have registered (regardless of where they are registered) any request for those sites should be authoritatively answered and propagated to other DNS servers by that host. The same goes for DNS forwarding...whatever DNS server you have listed as the forwarder will be the one to answer if your DNS is not the name server and/or does not already have the answer cached.
It is hard to tell from your question wether or not you are running a DNS server internally on your network?
Tricky1974Author Commented:
Hi ultralites,
Thanks for taking the time to look at my question.

We only use external hosting server and external domain co.
We currently get from our ISP for all our mail:
ouraccountname.ispname.net and on their control panel around 10 pop 3 mail boxes
our domain registar co. then has set up on their email control panel ourdomainname.com "catch all" forward to ouraccountname.ispname.net

All prety straight forward when everything works, but our isp blames our domain registar co. for the reason why our email takes so long to get to us on ocasions.
Rightly or Wrongly ?

For our websites we just use DNS forwarding from  our domain registar co's. control panel to our sites hosted elsewhere. The tags, ns1 / ns2 are untouched.

So wouldn't this mean that all web and email trafic go via our domain registar co.'s server first ?
This is the bit we are trying to avoid !
If we transfer all our domains to our newhostco so we keep it all under one roof and pay their renawal fees, my domain renawal bill will more than double.
Ugo MenaCommented:
I think I understand what you are saying with regard to your domain reg. co touching traffic first. under your current scenario, yes. As long as they are listed as ns1 / ns2 they are performing the DNS redirect to your isp.
which means that if they have slow or overburdened DNS servers your redirect is either happening or it is timing out and getting bounced (probably the case with your "slow" email).

it is pretty painless to take over the redirecting with properly set up DNS records. There is however a bit of administrative overhead that comes along with it. all straight forward stuff and within your current setups if you are willing to dig a little deeper in your control panels.

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Tricky1974Author Commented:
Thanks for your help, will change NS1/NS2 in future rather than DNS forward.
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