Getting Linksys VPN Router to work with FIOS router

This thread seems to reflect my exact situation...  However, I had some clarifications and additional questions that I thought would be best, if I just started a new thread.

I'm moving to a new location that offers Verizon's FIOS (so switching from Time Warner).  Will avail of their triple package -- phone, internet and tv.  My wife and I both work from home and she is connected via VPN Router that her company provided her, while I'm connected via VPN software.  I'm doing my due diligence to research, prior to switching providers, 'cause our being able to connect to our respective remote offices is paramount.

My current setup is:
TW Coax (carrying all 3 signals tv, internet and phone) --> TW Cable Modem --> Linksys VPN BEFvp41 router (dhcp enabled) --> Linksys Wifi Router WRT54G (dhcp disabled)

I've done some researching
Config A) Fiber optic cable (from the street) ---> to an ONT box (installed outside your house) --> to an ActionTech router via coax (1. the router is a wifi and it has 4 ethernet ports for wired access AND the router doubles as a device that also carries tv/video signal via MoCA protocol--I believe this through an RG6 Coax).  [This is my understanding of the connections involved logic, **I could be/probably wrong**].

I'm trying to see if we'll be able to switch to FiOs with wife's VPN.  To simulate, I'm trying to do this:
Config C) TimeWarner Internet via Coax --> to a Cable Modem --> to the Wifi router (DHCP ENABLED) --> to the VPN router (DHCP DISABLED) (notice that i now put the wifi in front of my wife's VPN router)

I tested it this way, because the FIOS ActionTech is a router NOT a cable modem (unlike TW).  Anyway, even after messing with the settings as suggested by other threads, I was able to get "regular" internet access on my wife's laptop to work, but accessing her servers and remote applications do NOT work.  Not really sure what I'm doing wrong.  I'm a home-networking amateur (ie. having problems getting pc to pc to talk to each other, forces me to login as guest even though i've already shared a folder with ALL access to the whole wide world-I digress)  Just wanted to see if I'm doing something wrong.  Am I overlooking something?  Any suggestions is very much welcome.  Thanks in advance.
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Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
Have you setup VPN access through the Linksys yet since that is your first device behind you Internet access connection?
quenchtAuthor Commented:
I have setup the following configuration.  Internet/Http/Web access works fine.  I can surf, but am not able to access my wife's remote applications/servers.  Not sure if that was your question, please let me know if I need to clarify.  (thx for your response)

Config C) TW Internet via Coax --> to a Cable Modem --> to the Wifi router (DHCP ENABLED) --> to the VPN router (DHCP DISABLED)
Here's how I setup a Linksys BEFSX41 vpn router on FiOS;
Vz ActionTec router LAN address
Linksys BEFSX41 WAN address (static IP) replace this with your vpn router
Linksys BEFSX41 LAN address
using Linksys BEFSX41 as the DHCP server for the LAN starting at address to .149
Linksys BEFSX41 WAN port connects to one of ActionTec 4 LAN ports
On ActionTec enter in the DMZ
Turn off Wireless on ActionTec
Gateway to gateway vpn now connects.
You may have to have wifes company tweak the vpn settings to reflect that your LAN is now on a subnet
For wireless I would use the WRT54G as an Access Point only. not a router;
On the WRT54G, configure the LAN address as, turn off DHCP, WAN port does not need to be configured in any special way as you will not be using the WAN port
Connect one of the WRT54G LAN ports to one of the LAN ports on the Linksys VPN router.
For wired devices, connect to any available LAN ports on either Linksys device, do not use any of the open LAN ports on the ActionTec unless you want those devices to be on a separate LAN (
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quenchtAuthor Commented:
Hello mhz,

          First of all, thx for your response.  Just checked my VPN router (BEFSX41) and it doesn't have the WAN IP settings--only LAN.  Just googled my Linksys VPN some more and a found a post that says, "My BEFVP41 has a dynamic WAN IP assigned to it by way of the Roadrunner Cable modem."  This sounds like my situation. I'm guessing that it's a VPN router that has a WAN IP dynamically assigned.

Also, would it be possible to use subnet instead of .20?  So conversely, if you were to use the .8 subnet, do you think it will work on your end?  As much as possible, I don't want to change any settings on the VPN (if possible).  Thanks again, mhz!

Your Linksys BEFVP41 would have had its' WAN port set for dynamic if it was connect to cable before. Change the WAN settings from Dynamic to Static on the BEFVP41 and give it the static address of (assuming your Vz ActionTec LAN is
So then your BEFVP41 WAN settings should be static
DNS 2, 3 use the Vz name server addresses, mine are,
DHCP range192.168.8.100 -149

Don't forget to enter the address in the ActionTec's DMZ

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quenchtAuthor Commented:
Hello mhz4016,

         Thanks!  Unfortunately, I won't be able to fully test the configuration that you recommended until we move, on Oct 8 (the house is still being built as I type).  I posted this to preempt a potential vpn technical issue with FIOS.  Nonetheless, I have gone ahead and accepted your post as a solution.  Thanks again for your time and expertise.  I will definitely save this thread and I hope (cross my fingers) that this does do the trick.

God Bless,
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