Control statements during template construction


Don't suppose there is anything that can be used to help guide template construction. For example:

template<typename TName>
class C{
      if TName==X
            int function();
            TName function();
      end if

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It seems that you are thinking of template specialization here, see for more. Otherwise, you are right, there is no such thing with templates.

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Unimatrix_001Author Commented:
Ok, thank you once again. :)
Unimatrix_001Author Commented:
Also, besides what jkr said, to reuse common template code in a conditional manner (albeit at pre-processor time) you can use old-fashioned # preprocessor directives and include in separate files with/without a given #define.

It may be a little messy and I don't do it personally, I prefer the templates to be clean (as possible).
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