USB Hubs - good or bad?

Have purchased new Vista PC and need more USB ports than it has. What is + or - of using those USB Hubs which connect to 1 PC port and allow either 4 or 6 USB port connections on the HUB.

Is there a difference in specs or manufacturer re: which performs best? On my old PC, I always got a message like "device would run better if connected directly to PC USB port..." so I'm wondering what to do.

Please advise. Thanks.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here a guide how to install the pci card :
and yes, it works on all XP pc's and later
johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I never saw that message, just the one about "it would perform better ina  2.0 port"
Basically, make sure that you get one that has it's own power source. That way you wont have any issues with devices not working due to not enoug power at the hub....Thats about the only - I have....
Oh, and make sure it is USB 2.0.
MentorJayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using a USB2 hub, you shouldn't get that message.
My rule of thumb is to connect the devices which get the most traffic (hard drives, burners) to the motherboard ports, and low-traffic (Scanners, printers, etc) to the hubs.

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ComputerTechieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I also try to get a usb hub that has firewire if you use firewire device like a camcorder.

you can use any USB hub you like, but i recommend buying a Powered Hub, so the devices do NOT load your usb chips of the PC, or burn them out.
any usb port provides only 0.5 A at 5 V = 2.5 W max.
and you can connect up to 127 devices to it.
an example :
You could also get a PCI card that has 4 or more ports, I have one and it works perfectly.
No hassle with additional power supply for the hub, which you need if you want it really working as it should. Many times one device uses all the power.
photoman11Author Commented:
Thanks everybody. That helped a lot.  Just to make sure I understand what you're saying...

I will be good to go if I get a POWERED 2.0 USB Hub. If I do, I won't have any problems with Vista or messages regarding devices running faster if they were connected DIRECTLY to the USB port on my PC. Right?

Are all powered USB hubs, powered the same (in other words .5 A at 5 V)?

A salesperson from Best Buy told me that the USB ports on the front of most computers are generally not shielded or wired as well as the ones on the back. Is this true? If it is, would that mean that they should only be used for connections that are periodically made, as opposed to devices that are always used when the computer is on?
pewpewdinkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
for one, never listen to a retail person at Best Buy, especially when it comes to Apple (side note)

HOWEVER, he is (somewhat) on the right path that cheap OEMs (like Gateway) build with cheap cases, and are bad in general. But of course they are not wired the same, because the ones on the back are soldered directly to the motherboard, where as the front case ones are wires that connect to leads for "external" USB on the board. In theory, all powered USB hubs are powered the same, because they must be standardized, but ive run into weird imported hubs with strange voltages, so just stick with a well known brand.
I agree  with pewpewdink i would ether go with the power hub or add a usb card to the computer.

photoman11Author Commented:
Thanks again. By the way, my new PC is an HP so I don't know if they follow the good or cheap wiring approach.

When it comes to USB hubs, what are some of the better-known brands (I don't need some elaborate reviews or anything, but to me one name is the same as the other in this particular niche).

And as a side note, on my old PC, I had installed a four port USB 2.0 PCI card, which worked fine. I just don't have any idea if this would also fit and/or work with my new HP PC. I could always call technical support I guess and hope I get somebody good. I can just see myself trying to install this PCI card myself and wind up shorting everything out or breaking something.

On the other hand, a new USB port won't risk breaking anything.
ComputerTechieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You usb card should work fine in the hp and is simple to install.
Your computer should install the drivers and work fine.

You could get an hp / belkin brand usb hub.

photoman11Author Commented:
This really helped. Nobus, great article on pci installation, thanks!
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