laptop not powering up - weird

this one is giving me a tough time

my laptop decided to not to boot one fine evening
pressing the power button was not doing anything, no fan noise, no hdd activity, no lights, nothing, dead!

i changed the battery, tried with another adapter, nada!
sent it over to lg service center, reached there, started working without evening opening it.......weird!

they checked everything for the next two days....cleaned the fans and other usual check-ups, sent it back to me
worked fine for one day, and next day stopped working!

it doesn't respond to the power button at all
the guy at lg service center is confused also, as he cheked everything and it was working fine with him

im sending it again to him today, hoping that this time this stupid thingie will not start working on its own upon reaching there!

but i thought may be anyone of you has seen/experienced such thingie before ever?
im totally puzzled, what can cause such a behaviour?

its lying peacefully on a wooden table in a well air-conditioned room with the adapter wire unplugged (i tried with plugged too!) for the whole day
it was working fine for 2 years without any kind of issues like heating, noise, BSODs etc.

when it came back, it worked like it was used to work
and then net day, it stopped powering up again
the lg guy was saying something about static electricity which doesn't make any sense to me as i simply did nothing fancy with the laptop when it stopped working, im using it the way im used to for the last 2 years.

suggestions/comments/advices? =)

PS. on the first day of this problem, the standby light was used to come upon hitting the power button, but no display or other activity. but after that even the light was gone and same thing now.
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when you sent it to the LG service center, did you send your power adapter as well? Did the tech guy use your power adapter or his own? also, are you using a power convertor (like from 120V to 240V etc). Have you tried using another power socket in the house? How about using it in another place.. like maybe in your office? Did you notice if it was on battery of on charge mode when you were using it when it came back from the service center? Just trying to make certain that its nothing to do with your power adapter / power socket at home
SheharyaarSaahilAuthor Commented:
thanks for the comments nivlesh

yeps, i did send it with my own adapter and battery after trying with 3 other adapters and 2 batteries
im not using any power converter, only the standard adapter which came with it
i've used it at 10 different places with all kind of power sockets
it was working fine with battery or AC adapter when it came back, just as it was used to before

my battery and adapter are working fine with another laptop of the same model, checked with a friend, so they both are fine
thanks =)
Ahmed ABDEL SALAMCloud Technical Solution ManagerCommented:
Hi Sheharyaar,

Please remove the battery. Leave the laptop turned off for about 10 to 15 minutes. Re-attach your power adapter. Turn it on. Check and get back to me.
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SheharyaarSaahilAuthor Commented:
tried it before; tried it now, nothing, same results

lg guy asked me to do the same thing, with one more step
attach it to an external monitor, after leaving it without battery for about half-an-hour, leave the monitor powered-on for 10-15 minutes, disconnect the monitor and attach the AC adapter to turn on the system.
tried this too......same results.......the laptop is still dead in the sea!
Ahmed ABDEL SALAMCloud Technical Solution ManagerCommented:
ok , here we have another option. You will have to leave your laptop for a long period. let's say minimum 8 hours - better if longer period . Turn it on again.We'll see then If it will work, so this indicates that there is a problem with an electronic chip on the laptop board.

Otherwise, what is your laptop model exactly ?  When did this problem start to occur ? What about the power on switch for this laptop (is it a small push button or a touch button ) ?
SheharyaarSaahilAuthor Commented:
leaving it as in sense, without the battery and ac adapter & without even touching it in a case?
i left it with battery/without ac adapter for 2 days last time i sent it to lg, and it worked after reaching there apparently

this time too, it was lying over the weekend for 2 days with battery in, adapter out
tried this morning, with/without battery, and everything lg guy asked me to do, its not working yet

its an LG-F1 laptop with the push power button
it started last week, without any unusal action against the laptop =)

hello SheharyaarSaahil  - long time no see !
i would start by testing the batteries : disconnect AC adapter, and boot from battery alone, after fully charging both - then check how long it runs.
this way, you can determine if you have a failing or weak battery.
then remove all batteries, and start from AC - does that work ok ? if so, connect a run down battery, and check if it charges normally, by doing a full load / unload cyclus
SheharyaarSaahilAuthor Commented:
hi nobus.....yeah been busy in work and life! =)

i've tried booting with so many different batteries and ac adapters, the issue is, its not booting at all
the only time it started working last time when i left it for 2 days untouched!

im gonna leave it for the next 24 hours without battery and ac adapter
if tomorrow morning it will not work, i will send it over again to LG SC for checking the mobo

thanks for all the comments so far......keep them coming =)
if it worked after 2 days, i suspect a capacitor problem , which means a new mobo ...

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SheharyaarSaahilAuthor Commented: thinkin on the same lines *sigh*

this will be my first "bad" experience with an LG product in the past 5-6 years
the laptop really worked well for 2 years without givin a single issue, i still have my old lg working fine (4 years now) though its totally been teared off!

what do you it just a bad coincidence.....or can i blame on something?
power socket? damaged adapter? over-heating? over-used? etc.....etc?
You can blame it on planned obsolesence. All equipment is designed to fail. It is what keeps the world economy in a constant state of renewal. Some things just fail before their time and then you have some things that don't fail. The law of averages plays a factor here also.
I am with you guys. I beleive it is a cap issue.
bad coincidence does happen.
difficult to tell without having it for testing. which is the only thing to do, to know what happens.
bad contacts can cause it too, but it's the same outcome.........
one good news : laptops are not so expensive as they used to be..
not much comfort from my last comment ...
SheharyaarSaahilAuthor Commented:
the thing is....LG is not asking too much for replacing mobo when i checked with them previously.
and im in love with this laptop =)
this little thingie suites my needs to the T, and im really not planning to throw it and buy a new one with "vista"

it didn't boot up with ac adapter/battery this morning after leaving for one day untouched
i agree on your vista comment - it's driving me nuts too.
let's hope windows7 is better (it gets far better comments)
SheharyaarSaahilAuthor Commented:
vista eats your system resources like a monster!
my sis just got a new laptop with 4GB RAM, and lemme tell, working with Adobe prodcuts takes the same amount of time on vista with 4GB as with XP with 1.5GB RAM on my lapatop :rolls eyes:

MS should stop following the footsteps of MACs in terms of graphical interface......or if they really want, atleast create them as powerful as MACs.......they have spent just too much time & effort on the "looks" as compared to the "performance" for vista!


i've sent the laptop to LG, thankfully they have the mobo in stock, they will replace it in 2-3 working days and hopefully it will sort the things out!

keepin the fingers crossed! =)
it could be problem in power button of laptop

try to drop some iso-propyle on button. may solve the problem
and not only that, it does all kind of things in the background, and you don't know what it's doing !
what's very annoying, is that -in the middle of work, you want to open a 1 kb txt file, and then the little circle starts turning roun d 'n round 'n round for 20-30 sec...
i would love if somebody could tell me the reason why they can't just open it rught away, like before..
SheharyaarSaahilAuthor Commented:
ok guys.....the replaced the mobo.....sent it back.....working fine from the last 2 days.....fingers still crossed but case closed.
thanks a zillion! =)
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