Importing data from txt or Excel file in Matlab

I am trying to import data into Matlab. There are five columns: Date, Time, Open, High, Low, Last Price. I am trying to do this through "uiimport" (import wizard) or "xlsread" command. The problem is that Matlab reads the Date and Time column as "Textdata" even though the data is in Date/Time format. How can I convert the data into Date/Time within Matlab? I have attached a sample txt file. Please advise. Thanks in advance
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hi bose,
%read and display excel data
[data, textString] = xlsread('gbp-samp.xls');

here data represents only numeric data,and textString represents only strings in cell array

make sure that  the data is on  correct sheet number .If it is not please mention the sheet number like this,
[data, textString] = xlsread('gbp-samp.xls','sheetName');

for more information on xlsread refer here,
bose3Author Commented:
The data is in a correct tab since there is only one tab in the whole spreadsheet. I have attached  the Excel file sample aslo.
i dont have matlab to check . can you show the output?
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bose3Author Commented:
I have posted two pics, one for the text data and the other is for numeric data. see attachment

this link can help you,
go to remarks and Handling Excel date values
bose3Author Commented:
I tried using ths script but no luck yet
[num, txt]=xlsread(GBP.xls);
tday1=txt(2:end, 1);
datestr(datenum(tday1, mm/dd/yyyy), mm/dd/yy);
as i already mentioned, i do not have matlab to check
can you check this out,
[xlsDates] = xlsread('test.xls','A2:A21');
mDates = datenum('30-Dec-1899') + xlsDates;
bose3Author Commented:
No luck with your script but I managed to find this It seperates MM DD YYYY in seperate columns and keep them as numeric. Is there a way to join the columns after a split?
Try the code below and check D structure.
D=importdata('gbp-samp.txt'); = datenum(cell2mat([D.textdata(2:end,1) repmat({' '},size(,1),1) D.textdata(2:end,2)]));
D.datestr = datestr(,0);
D = rmfield(D,'textdata');

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bose3Author Commented:
Awesome. Good work
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