Probelm with onChange on a MAC


I have developed a admin site for at company (to IE7 & 8). However the company now uses a MAC with safari. They have encountered a problem with one of the script.

I run this in two diffent parts of the admin system (different index-files [PHP]):

<select onchange="location.href='?ref=getevents&SelectedMonth='+SelectedMonth.value+'&SelectedYear='+SelectedYear.value;" name="SelectedMonth">

in one of them there is no problem with the onchange, but in the other it wont change?!

Any ideas?
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First, here's a piece on information in case you don't already know.

To be able to view JavaScript errors in Safari, you must:
1. Quit Safari,
2. Open the terminal
3. Run the command below
4. Reopen Safari
5. Select "Show Error Console" from the "Develop" menu.
(Note that in old version of safari the menu was called "Debug".)
defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1

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Try this code instead, it's more cross-browser compliant:

<select onchange="window.location.href='?ref=getevents&SelectedMonth='+this.value+'&SelectedYear='+document.getElementsByName('SelectedYear')[0].value;" name="SelectedMonth">

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I don't see where you have that element but try giving that element an id:

<select onchange="var Y=document.getElementById('SelectedYear'); location.href='?ref=getevents&SelectedMonth=' + this.options[this.selectedIndex].value + '&SelectedYear=' + Y.options[Y.selectedIndex].value;" name="SelectedMonth">...</select>

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Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
And to make it a LOT simpler and TRULY compatible, use forms access - this assumes the other select has name="SelectedYear"

<select onchange="location.href='?ref=getevents&SelectedMonth='+this.options[this.selectedIndex].value+
'&SelectedYear='+this.form.SelectedYear.options[this.form.SelectedYear.selectedIndex].value;" name="SelectedMonth">

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QualitySoftwareDevelopmentAuthor Commented:
Thx guys,

I will test this later today and give you the feed back.

// This used to be the best way to get the value of a select element:
// However, this method is simpler and it now works in all major browsers (including IE6):

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Michel PlungjanIT ExpertCommented:
However why change if the first one works in ALL browsers including obscure ones on mobiles or such?
QualitySoftwareDevelopmentAuthor Commented:
Hi Guys,

I know I promised you an answer. However my time was prioritized otherwise for me :-) ... I have used mplungians solution since that was the easiest and the most simple for me to understand and use.

Since I'm not able to test the new code on a MAC until monday the ACCEPT of solution will not happen until then.

Thx again
QualitySoftwareDevelopmentAuthor Commented:
Simple and effective! THX!
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