can perl be used to produce graphical output from data

I have millions of data sets, and would like to show much of graphically

can I use perl to create a graphic picture of the data, maybe using colours and moving on a step at a time using the enter key ?

Europa MacDonaldChief slayer of dragonsAsked:
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ozoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
there are several modules for doing this,
or example, Image::Magick;
Europa MacDonaldChief slayer of dragonsAuthor Commented:
how does that work ? is it a difficult thing to show data graphically or is it straight forward ?
It depends on the data and the graphics you want from it.
Also on what you consider straight forward, and on whether anyone else has already done something similar and produced a module for it.
Europa MacDonaldChief slayer of dragonsAuthor Commented:
We have some reporting software around here from a past project that does historical bar / line charts. I will try to dig it up and let you know. We used GD::Graph for it.
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