Strange task bar behavior in Windows 7

This is happenng on the two machines I have with windows 7 rc7100. When I left click on the open or closed app on the task bar or in the tray, the screen shows up but then disappears before I can access it -like a stooge routine, or something.
I like the new features for the MS apps on the task bar, but they don't help if they won't let you in. I can tab over to the extended window as a work around and it doesn't start out doing it after a fresh boot. It takes a few hours usually. I sometimes even lose the start button completely on one machine but that's another question I guess...
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Open the task manager and make sure that the application is opening fully.  Can also try to execute the application via the Program Files folder to see if it is just the icon on the superbar (as it is called) or if the applications are just closing out that fast.

You say it comes up but then disappears right away, but never mention if the program is running and it is just the shortcut that is causing this.
Additionaly, try updating the the latest graphics driver for the model in question.  As the desktop is now based around DirectX, I've found that getting the latest drivers fixes some 'glitches'
jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
Sorry I missed the responses here, hate to keep you waiting, but, no the applications never close or seem to be affected in anyway, just the icon stooge.
So graphic drivers would be for the video card then? I've got Nvidia on the laptop, so I should makes sure those drivers are up to date?
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jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
Hmm directx version 10 is listed in the system Info for the Nvidia card... I'll see if I can find out it if's the latest.
jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
Makaveli213:, I'm a little confused by your instruction.
But I have found there is a directX 10.1.
I've downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers also, which are different I think than the ones windows installed with the win 7 insallation.
Can I just run the direct x 10.1 or do I need to run the nvida drivers and the direct x? there is also a 3d directX 11 tennysioum (s) something. ?
What is the model number of your Nvidia graphics card?

It might be that your graphics card is struggling to support some of the graphics requirements of Windows 7.

Try setting the Windows 7 to use the Windows 7 Basic theme to see if the superbar works OK under the Basic theme.
Right click on the desktop and select Personalize.
Next click on the Windows 7 Basic Theme to apply it.

If it does then your graphics card is struggling to run the aero interface.

This can be one of two things
1) your graphics card is not up to it.
2) you do not have the best driver for your graphics card.
jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
desktop uses a Radeon X1600, and it's now legacy at ATi, owned by AMD now.
The laptop uses NVidia GE Force Go 7600.
Both machines are having the same problem, basically.
I'll try the basic theme settings. thanks
If no Windows 7 drivers are available from the manufacturers web site, try using the manufacture's latest Vista drivers, or if that failes, the Vista ATI Catalyst driver for the X1600 and the Windows 7 GeForce Beta drivers for the Go 7600

I have definately experienced some strage desktop interface issues with some of the 'built-in' drivers for Windows 7, and updating to the manufacturer's latest Vista (or Win 7) drivers has always fixed my issue. (Same for sound drivers too)

jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
ok, actually I'm findng a few win 7 drivers now that, I swear, weren't there the other day- haha.
But I found one for the NVIDIA laptop and it installed and I just rebooted, so ... it's working better, but still not right. After chasing the pop up a few times it will now allow me to get it.

It seems though the ATI driver didn't install. I'll try that again. On the web page it said no support for win7, but the dirver file is named "9-3_vista32_win7_32_dd.exe."
Actually, I think both drivers are the ones from your suggested links.
I'm going to try and reinstall the Ati, something happened though, as the doc flip is no longer 3-d on the desktop. Oh that maybe from changing the theme to win7 basic, huh? I haven't done that yet on laptop.
Yep .. the 3-d on the desktop will dissapear if you change to a Win7 Basic theme.

Have you checked to see if the manufacturer for the workstation/laptop has a recent graphics driver (Win7 or Vista?)

jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
Yes the one you list, the one I installed, says it's for Win7.
The ones i listed were what they call 'reference drivers', the manufacturer of the PC (HP,Dell etc) may have their own specific drivers for the graphics cards .. that should be your prefered option
jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
Ok,hmm, well I see what you're saying but if you go the NVIDIA site, the driver for my needs is that 179.48 beta that you list.
Now I'm not sure why I thought the ATI I'm using is the same, but, anyway I went to their site and I'm trying to install their latest driver. It keeps refecting it but says it for the right hardare. I've trying to install over the old one. I'm going to try now to unistall the eariler one first, and see what happens.
The reason I mention using the manufacturers one is that they sometimes 'tweak' the drivers for their particular hardware implementation.

Make sure that when you uninstall the old drivers that you select to remove them from the system, otherwise they will just re-install on re-boot.
jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
ok, can't seem to get that driver to take.
Maybe I didn't delete from system, as I didn't reboot.
This time I will unitstall, delete it, then reboot and try to get the new driver to take.
thanks for your patience.
Actually the latest ATI Catlyst Driver for Windows 7 doesn't support the X1600, so use the lastest ATI Catlyst Driver for Vista .. which still supports the X1600.

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jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
right, that what I was saying, that it said it didn't support win 7, but when You download it the name of the file is "9-3_vista32_win7_32_dd.exe."
Hmmm, but never the less I can't get it load...
So I'll go back and fish a little.
The new drivers seem to be fixing the problem completly in the laptop though!!!!!!!!!!
jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I still can't get the new driver loaded on the desktop (atu) but we do know the answere is in the graphic driver. I think I'll open a new question and get some help on getting that driver in. thanks.
jodyfaisonAuthor Commented:
I don't think I got all the blanks fillled in on the solucion screen... hmm, can't find the edit.
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