Delay when opening Word & Excel files locally and Network Based

My client has just replaced their DELL Latitude D630 under a warranty claim that was based on Hardware faults. These faults were predominantly network performance based and tracked to faulty system board, disk etc.
System Specification:
DELL Latitude D630
Office 2003 SP3
Working Environment:
Office of 12 Windows XP Clients, 1 Windows 2003 SBServer, 1 x 2003 Server Std.
This laptop travels with it's user to Asia on a regular basis, operates on VPN.
The laptop when in-office is docked, this problem occurs out of dock aswell.
The main problem that has been occurring is the lag time when attempting to open Word & Excel files from both Application \ File Open and WIndows Explorer navigation \ double click and attaching these files in an email.
- I can confirm there aren't any redundant network mappings
- Registry has been cleaned by Privacy and Registry Cleaner
- Microsoft Support Article ID: 833041 (Registry DWORD Value - EnableShellDataCaching Value added:1)
- Page File set to recommended settings
- Disk is Defragged
- 1 partition, 85% free space (160GB Disk)
- Laptop is 1 month old, these characteristics are similar to the old laptop that was replaced under warranty and have only started occurring 1 week ago.
- Until 1 week ago none of these symptoms were present.
- No new installs or environmental changes have taken place.

ANY help to determine the cause of the slow Office Application responses will be most appreciated...

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It sounds like one of the indexing functions is turned on (google search, office search, office fast find etc) and almost certainly it is this that is causing the delay - solution is to either always open the documents from the relevent application, or to turn off the relevent indexing program.
since u r facing delay while using network, it might be history problem in ur network neighborhood.this will automatically make track of network shared files whether not in used, and cause slow down accessing and browsing network contents.

below registry will help u to speed up network browsing

copy below lines in notepad and save it as a .reg extension file, and double click it to apply.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


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Hello lateralservices,

I would recommend that you try to rule out some variables from the begining:
1. Reinstall Office 2003 and make sure you select the first option: Run all programs from my computer.
2. Copy any sample/test word document from the server and compare the load time opening from the server vs local.
3. If this makes a might just be dealing with a bad ethernet cable....start simple....plug the computer in at another docking station.
4. If the problem persists, eliminate some variables: got to Start-Run and type msconfig. Disable "all startup options" in the startup tab. If this corrects the problem then reenable one by one the startup options to find the culprit. If you have a long list of startup options, go back and enable half of the options. If the problem does not appear, enable half of the other half and so on...
5. If the problem is still present with all the startup options disabled in msconfig try disabling all the services except the Microsoft services (go to the services tab, hide Microsoft services and then disable all the rest).

If none of the above are working.....come back and and we will have less variables to deal with to continue troubleshooting.....

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lateralservicesAuthor Commented:
Thank you so far for the suggestions, I will be making an appointment with this client to get some more time with his computer. I don't have immediate access just wanted to let all know.
lateralservicesAuthor Commented:
Hi Milan_Ojh:

I have performed:
1. Disable Windows Search, removed from Start Menu too
2. Restarted and no major improvement in speed.
 I have inspected and there is no other search / index engine running.

thankyou for the suggestion.
lateralservicesAuthor Commented:
Hi xtreminator,

I have applied the Registry file, done this remotely and it does look to have improved the opening of the file server based Office docs.
I'll wait to speak with my client later today and see if they agree, thankyou for the help.
I'll allocate points once we've thoroughly tested of course.
lateralservicesAuthor Commented:
After the weekend of off-site usage, local files were being accessed and the problem was still there. All Word and Excel files were delayed in opening, no change to the system so-far.
I will be going on-site tomorrow and will reinstall Office 2003 even though I have done it once already when this laptop arrived as a replacement.
I have already examined the Startup folder, there aren't many items in there but I will re-check. I'll examine the services and report back.
lateralservicesAuthor Commented:
User is currently content, Laptop is not running as fast - he says, but it is somewhat quicker.
I reinstalled Office 2003, patched and tested. Even though I had installed this originally and patched the same way, something must have been refreshed by this process.
If it becomes slow again I may revisit this problem. I will award points and close this off.

Thank you for all your suggestions.
lateralservicesAuthor Commented:
Laptop not performing as Out Of Box new, something still lingering that makes it lag when opening local and network Office files. I would say it is 75% as fast as when it was new.
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