Exchange 2007 Public Folders have disappeared

Our 2007 Exchange CCR Server has a Public Folder Storage Group, containing a Public Folders Database. the public folders cannot be seen or managed using the Public Folder Management Tool in Toolbox, but using the get-publicfolderdatabase cmd shows the correct database and storage group.
But if I use the get-publicfolder command, it says that there is no existing public folder.
The PF management Tool will not let me "Update Hierarchy" and says there is no Public Folder Database on the server.
The set-publicfolderdatabase command can change parameters such as MaxItemSize etc, but the Public Folders still do not seem to exist.
The Public Folders Address List still shows all of the expected Public Folders, and the database seems to be fine according to ESEUTIL. Any ideas anyone?
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fixer982Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi all,

I have posted this in case anyone else encounters this problem. I found that the msExchOwningPFTree attribute under the Public Folders Container was empty, even though all the other attributes were not set. I followed this atricle,, to remove and recreate teh folder hierarchy container and the affected CN-Public Folders container, and after checking all the attributes that were likely to affect the outcome, I restarted the IS on the CCR Mailbox Active Node and the Public Folders reappearred. Why this attribute changed is beyond me, but that's Exchange for you. This took 4 days to fix and wasted a lot of time, but the result was success in teh end.
The Public Folders Address List shows only mail enabled public folders. Using connect to option connect to your server where you have PF DB and click on Default Public Folders.
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fixer982Author Commented:
Thanks Nivles

h but I'e already been there and it didn't help. When I bring up the PF Management Console, it just shows 2 folders, Default and System and when I try to create another folder, it says that theer is no Public Folders Database on teh Server. Buty when I try to create a new PF DB, it says there is already one.
Thanks Subsun, but as above, the PF MMC does not allow me to manage or create them. Its as if the Exchange Server and AD think that there is a PF DB, but cannot connect to it.
Run this command to PF Hierarchy on your server and see if it helps..
Update-PublicFolderHierarchy -Server "Your Server"
fixer982Author Commented:
Thanks again Subsun. I had already tried this as well, but I ran it again. The Public Folders are now visible, though I do not know why. However, running the Update-PublicFolderHierarchy command bring up the message "There is no public folder database on teh server "HPEXCHANGE". Yet when I run get-publicfolderdatabase, i get "Public Folders" (Name), "HPEXCHANGE" (Server) and "Public Folders Storage Group" (Storage Group). It seems there is a conflict with the settings somewhere which set the Public Folders location.
Do you have a coexistence environment (Ex2003+Ex2007)? or only exchange 2007..
Do you have latest roll up update and critical patches installed?
Please run ExBPA and see if it gives any clue..
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