Citrix PS 4.0 - Data Store and License Issues

Hello All,

Little problem here. I followed the directions step by step, no luck. I am trying to move my data store to a different server in the farm. All are Microsoft 2003 running Citrix PS 4.0. It should be fairly straight-forward but I guess that is not true.

Does anyone have any step by step instructions, as the ones I have do not tell if services should be off before performing commands, or it doesn't tell if the old data store should be deleted?
I am obviously not an experienced user, but I have been doing this long enough to know how to follow directions, or at least figure it out. I would first just like to get the data store moved. It won't even let me into Presentation server console just to switch license servers. Says it can't log on to through pass-through authentication.

I guess I just need to start from the top. It is working now, although not sure how but I think I have corrected for the time being. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will not give up until I have figured this out. It's been a long 7 hours trying to get this done though!  Thanks in advance!
Chris KellyAsked:
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Chris KellyAuthor Commented:
I guess I should have been a little more detailed.

4 Servers in Farm
All 2003 Server, Terminal Servers
Citrix PS 4.0
Data store is Access DB, not ms sql

When I moved it following the admin guide, and ran the dsmaint failover newserver it came back with a fail?  I couldn't get past that step. I copied a backup to new server, created new file dsn pointing to new database. Ran dsmaint failover and returned an error. Data store no accessible or not found. Please check to make sure it is online.

I was also trying to move the license server, which I know all that needs to be done is return the licenses via mycitrix, then reissue to new server, download and upload the file. But I couldn't get it to work either. I changed it on the server farm config to the new server, restarted the licensing services on both old and new, and it said there was no license server available? Had to switch it back.

Daniel BorgerSenior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
Follow this procedure to install a backup of the data store or move an original data store to a new host server in the event of a hardware failure or upgrade:

1. Copy the backup database or the original database to the server that is to become the new host server.

2. On the new host server, create a new File DSN pointing to the new local database from Step 1.

3. On all servers in the farm, execute dsmaint failover to point to the new host server.

Note: The IMA Service must be running on these servers for the command to execute properly. You must do this before executing dsmaint config on the new host server as specified in the next step; otherwise the other servers in the farm cannot write to the database.

4. On the new host server, execute dsmaint config to point the IMA Service to the newly created DSN file from Step 2. If no security was set on the Access database, use the default user account and password information (citrix/citrix).

Note: Include the full path (in quotes) in the /dsn: switch to the file dsn. For example, /dsn:"C:\Program Files\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture\MF20.dsn"

WARNING! This fix requires you to edit the registry. Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Citrix cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the incorrect use of Registry Editor can be solved. Use Registry Editor at your own risk.

5. Change the original host server to its new role as an indirect server (it will now access the data store indirectly through the new host server) by running the Registry Editor (Regedt32.exe) and changing the value of the following registry key from Imaaccess.dll to Imaodbc.dll:


Note: If you are performing these steps with a MetaFrame XP Feature Release 3 farm, the previous step is no longer necessary. With a MetaFrame XP Feature Release 3 server, running the command dsmaint failover new_direct_servername on the original host server removes the value in the registry. Feature Release 3 no longer uses the value Imaodbc.dll for indirect servers.

6. Stop and restart the IMA Service on the new host server.

7. When the IMA Service on the new host server is running, stop and restart the IMA Service on all of the other servers in the farm.

Important: Restarting the IMA Service instead of restarting the server might cause the SNMP service to Dr. Watson if SNMP is enabled. This error is benign.

Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Databases

Refer to CTX108143  SQL Server 2005 Database Support for the IMA Data Store or the Resource Manager Summary Database.

When using a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle data store, consult the database documentation for scheduling automated backups of the data store. In most cases, daily backup is sufficient to prevent loss of farm data.

In a situation where a backup must be restored to a new database server, each farm server requires a new DSN file and updated registry information for the new database.

Tip: The following procedure can also be used to change DSN files whenever the IMA Service connection information changes.

Use the following steps to restore a backup database. For the best performance, execute this procedure on the data collectors after all other servers are reconfigured:

1. Restore the database.

2. Create a new DSN file that points to the restored database.

3. Execute the dsmaint config command on the server with the new DSN file.

4. Stop and restart the IMA Service.

Important: Restarting the IMA Service instead of restarting the server might cause the SNMP service to Dr. Watson if SNMP is enabled.

5. Verify that the server is using the correct DSN by checking at the following registry setting:


6. If the IMA Service started successfully, copy the DSN file created in Step 2 to all servers in the farm.

7. Execute the dsmaint config command to change the IMA service configuration on all servers in the farm.

8. Stop and restart the IMA service on all servers in the farm.

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Daniel BorgerSenior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
make sure to check your .dsn and verify you are using the correct username for the database connection.
Chris KellyAuthor Commented:
This is the doc that I started with, and ran into problems running the dsmaint failover....come back with errors.
I seen a few postings that mentioned something about logging on to the server locally instead of using a domain account to login and do this? Would that have anything to do with it?
Daniel BorgerSenior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
Yes, if possible login with user credentials that are local admin.  double and triple check your syntax. Have you concidered migrating to sql? that process is pretty straight forward and provides a more high availiblity enviroment.  
Daniel BorgerSenior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
1. Stop the ima service on the old server

2. Copy the mf20.mdb to the new ima server to the following path:
"C:\Program files\Independent Management Architecture\"

3. Start imaservice on the oldserver

4. Create a new DSN (file dsn) entry in the same folder and name it
mf20.dsn (ODBC -Access)

Go to Start-->Programs-->Administrative Tools-->Data Sources (ODBC).
Click on "File DSN". Click on the drop down and Browse to where your
current MetaFrame DSN resides. Once there click add to add your DSN.

5. Call on all servers, except the newserver, in the dos box "DSmaint

6. On the newserver call:
"DSmaint Config /user:citrix /Pwd:citrix /dsn:"C:\Program
files\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture\mf20.dsn"

7. regedit on oldserver and newserver



8. Stop and start imaservice on newserver

9. Stop and start imaservice on all other ser

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Chris KellyAuthor Commented:
Yes, I am considering it even more now that this has happened. I have read that it is more reliable. However, I will first have to get this all straight first. I know my data store is not available right now on the farm, however all my clients are able to get it for the time being. i would like to get this fixed first and then move the sql. I have to figure out if the file dsn is what is causing this current issue. I may have used the wrong syntax, but I did it a lot of times last night to make sure I was doing it correctly.

I can't do anything or work on this or the license servers while users are connected, correct?
Daniel BorgerSenior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
they are connecting due the information kept in the local host  cache.
Can you send your syntax?

Here is the migration process...
Carl WebsterCommented:
You can use the concepts from this article I wrote to move the Access data store to another server.

Chris KellyAuthor Commented:
I think I will have to wait until tonight when everyone is logged out of the system to give that a try dborger. Thanks for the detailed steps!
I will post comments back here later this evening. Thanks again for all your help!
Chris KellyAuthor Commented:
One quick I have to delete the old data store or anything once I copy it over to the new server, or does it automatically get rid of it once it is updated on the new server. When I did it last night, the old file was still there?
Daniel BorgerSenior Citrix Engineer- CCEECommented:
The old file will still be there, but will not get updated. I would not delete it for a while. once things are moved over rename. it and then in a coulpe weeks it may be safe to delete.
Chris KellyAuthor Commented:
Very easy to understand, and once you do it once it will stick in your mind in case there is a next time. Thanks a bunch!
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