trying to create website programmitically in IIS 6

I'm trying to automate creating a website in IIS using classic asp.
I've used the solution in this thread but have become stuck with the settings I need for the security as all I'm getting is permission denied messages. I did have it working but now it's stopped and not sure why.

I have the following situation:
Windows2003 server running IIS6
I have a main admin user lets say called Admin :)
I have a domain group called DomainGroup :)
I have the usual IUSR account as well...DomainGroup is just a domain group that will hold all my created domains....hopefully.
DomainGroup is the owner of domain1 and domain2
domain1 contains code that happily creates the folder structure for domain3 within the DomainGroup folder by copying everything from domain2 (my template site)

That bit works trying to do the IIS bit -

Firstly, this line
set websrv = getobject("IIS://DSVR009456/W3SVC") no longer works and returns a permssion denied error.
This is where I get stuck as I'm not sure what account needs what anymore and I'm losing the will to live!
What is actually running the script....IUSR or domainGroup?
What settings do I change and where? Please go through step by step as I'm really really confused now!

Attached my code below

newSite = ""
dim websrv, site
dim webinfo,exists
set websrv = getobject("IIS://DSVR009456/W3SVC")
if (err <> 0) then
    for each site in websrv
	if instr(Site.ServerComment,newSite) > 0 then
	if err.number = 0 then 
	end if
	end if
end if
on error goto 0
if not exists then 
	' first of all copy the blank site
	set fso = createobject("scripting.filesystemobject")
	if fso.folderExists("d:\home\domainGroup\" & newSite) then
	  ' don't create folders - they already exist
	  fso.createFolder("d:\home\domainGroup\" & newSite)
	  fso.CopyFolder "d:\home\domainGroup\domain1\*", "d:\home\domainGroup\" & newSite
	end if
	response.Write("<p>" & newSite & " directories created</p>")
	' Make connections to WMI, to the IIS namespace on MyMachine, and to the Web service.
	set locatorObj = CreateObject("WbemScripting.SWbemLocator")
	set providerObj = locatorObj.ConnectServer("DSVR009456", "root/MicrosoftIISv2")
	set serviceObj = providerObj.Get("IIsWebService='W3SVC'")
	' Build binding object, which is a required parameter of the CreateNewSite method.
	' Use the SpawnInstance WMI method since we are creating a new instance of an object.
	Bindings = Array(0)
	Set Bindings(0) = providerObj.get("ServerBinding").SpawnInstance_()
	Bindings(0).IP = ""
	Bindings(0).Port = "80"
	Bindings(0).Hostname = newSite
	' Create the new Web site using the CreateNewSite method of the IIsWebService object.
	Dim strSiteObjPath
	strSiteObjPath = serviceObj.CreateNewSite(newSite, Bindings, "D:\home\domainGroup\" & newSite & "\htdocs")
	If Err Then
	response.Write( "*** Error Creating Site: " & Hex(Err.Number) & ": " & Err.Description & " ***")
	End If
	' strSiteObjPath is in the format of IIsWebServer='W3SVC/1180970907'
	' To parse out the absolute path, W3SVC/1180970907, use the SWbemObjectPath WMI object.
	Set objPath = CreateObject("WbemScripting.SWbemObjectPath")
	objPath.Path = strSiteObjPath
	strSitePath = objPath.Keys.Item("")
	' Set some properties on the root virtual directory which was created by CreateNewSite.
	Set vdirObj = providerObj.Get("IIsWebVirtualDirSetting='" & strSitePath & "/ROOT'")
	vdirObj.AuthFlags = 5 ' AuthNTLM + AuthAnonymous
	vdirObj.EnableDefaultDoc = True
	vdirObj.DirBrowseFlags = &H4000003E ' date, time, size, extension, longdate
	vdirObj.AccessFlags = 513 ' read, script
	vdirObj.AppFriendlyName = ""
	' Save the new settings to the metabase
	' CreateNewSite does not start the server, so start it now.
	Set serverObj = providerObj.Get(strSiteObjPath)
	response.Write("The site  already existed")
end if

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Randy Wilson.Net DeveloperCommented:
Can you post the error messages?
webbysteveAuthor Commented:
Hi wrwilson.

The only error messages are "permission denied" ones. However as an update to this, I've (literally) just managed - i think - to get it working again by restarting the server after making IUSR a member of the administrators group. Probably not a good idea but it works...unless someone tells me that is ok?

However this has thrown up another problem as I thought the system created DNS entries too but doesn't seem to. I may need to raise that as another question although it's linked to this - if anyone has tried to automate creating websites then I'm sure they've need to create DNS records too. I've tried to create files in the servers/dns/ folder but they don't seem to be recognised.

groping in the dark so any help appreciated.

webbysteveAuthor Commented:
Sorry chaps - think I've sorted myself but this might prove useful for others.....

Because all my created sites will be subdomains all I had to do was add an A record of *. That's it. Every subdomain site I create now will automatically work. No trying to use WMI, ADSI or anything else locally or remotely to configure the far so good it's still working after a reboot.

The IIS bit was just permissions too, not sure if it's right or secure but I'll carry on looking with that.
webbysteveAuthor Commented:
Actually - scrap all I said above, I've found a windows server component that lets you log on as admin during an asp page, plus run command line instructions to create IIS websites in a windowless environment then log out. All on the same page.

elegant, secure, no server permissions to hack around. bliss. How much? $19. less than the membership to this website!

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