Netmeeting: waiting for a response

I'm having an issue with a user who is using netmeeting.

When she goes to start a netmeeting, the first person is able to connect to her, however any subsequent person afterwords will try to connect and get a waiting for a response.  The person hosting the netmeeting does see the "Accept" or "Ignore" dialog box, but nothing happens when it is clicked.

The weird part is that I was messing around with netmeeting (no configuration changed) on her machine, being the first person to netmeeting in.  I saw her desktop and when a 2nd person tried to connect, she hit accept for that 2nd person and then I got prompted to either accept or ignore the 2nd person's connection. Is that the right functionality of netmeeting?

It doesn't seem right since I tested it with a couple other colleagues and we were able to connect to a single person with no problems.  There was a slight delay at most.

I am going to try a uninstall/reinstall of netmeeting.

Firewall is controlled by group policy, so it "should" be allowed automatically.

Any other ideas/suggestions?
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Any chance you are seeing any TCPIP errors in the event log, stating that "The amount of concurrent connections has been reached?"
Have you tried with the FW disabled?
Assuming this is XP Pro, right?
IT_Desktop_SupportAuthor Commented:
Yeah this is XP pro.  I haven't checked event log yet.  My understanding is that netmeeting is limited to a certain amount of connections but I'm sure it's more than 2.
I was just curious to make sure you werent hitting the XP Pro limit.....
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IT_Desktop_SupportAuthor Commented:
No it shouldn't be, it's only a few users like 4 or 5.
IT_Desktop_SupportAuthor Commented:
So after doing some extensive testing with 3 other colleagues.  

It was a much simpler answer than we expected.  As long as the user opens up NetMeeting and click on the "Call" menu.  Then select 'Host Meeting', this will select that person as the host.

Now if they don't do that, netmeeting tends to default the first person that places the call as the leader.

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LOL... Shows how long its been since I have used NM..... Glad youre fixed tho...
IT_Desktop_SupportAuthor Commented:
Yeah tell me about it :(
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