2 x DWL-2100AP - One as AP, other as Repeater?

In my home network I have a d-link DIR-655 router as wired lan switch, dhcp server and router. I bought 2 DWL-2100APs to "extend" the wireless lan from the DIR-655 but I couldn't get that to work at all.

So now I am trying to get one of the 2100APs to be the AP and the other to be the AP repeater. They are wired together throughout the house, through the DIR-655 switch. They can both act as APs just fine. They relay dhcp traffic to the dir-655 fine. I have to set them to static channel #1 though.

Problem is, if I set one of them to AP repeat the other one, all of my windows PCs start crying that there is an IP conflict on the network and fail to connect (they are wired to the DIR-655)!

Any ideas?
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Assuming the DHCP scope on the DIR-655 is still the default through
On the Home tab along the top, LAN button on the left, set 'Get IP From' of both DWL-2100APs to "Dynamic (DHCP)"

If that's how you already have them setup, then instead switch 'Get IP From' on both to "Static (Manual)" then
set the LAN IP of one DWL-2100AP to
leave the LAN IP of the other one at its default
Don't forget to click Apply after changing settings.

As far as getting them to work strictly as APs, in the DIR-655 on the Setup tab in Wireless Settings, uncheck Enable Auto Channel Scan, then set the Wireless Channel to, say, channel 1.
Select "20 MHz" for Channel Width.
For mode use "Mixed 802.11n, 802.11b, and 802.11g"
If you don't have any 11n or 11b devices, set it to 802.11g Only. With 20MHz channel width, 11n devices will still be able to talk up to 130Gb/s, but the DIR-655 won't be taking up 2 out of 3 available channels in the 2.4GHz band.

Then set one DWL-2100AP to use channel 6, and the other to use channel 11.
AlcedemaAuthor Commented:
Hi thanks. Both DWLs had static IPs at .6 and .7. They were both set as 'g' only and on channel 1. One was an AP and one was an AP repeater with the mac address set of the other one.

I tried this the other way around, with the second as the main AP and the first as the repeater but I still had the IP conflict, which somehow still knocked out the routing to the DIR-655 on the windows machines.
> They were both set as 'g' only and on channel 1.

It's also important to lock the DIR-655 to 20MHz channel width, and turn off the auto channel select or it could be using channel 1 as its primary or wide channel. Its primary channel could cause the AP Repeater to drop its link to the AP, and using it as the wide channel could interfere with both of the APs because they don't understand '11n'.

I presume all 3 D-Links are using the same SSID, too.

Did you change the scope of the DHCP server in the DIR-655, or is it still 100 through 199?

What is the Authentication Type on the one set as Access Point?
Are you using SuperG on the DWL-2100APs?

Did you use the Site Survey's Scan function to select the Root AP's MAC Address and SSID in the AP Repeater?

I recommend using the AP Manager software (it's on the CD that comes with the DWLs) to configure/maintain them.
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AlcedemaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.

I have been using the manager rather than the web interfaces. I must point out that this schenario was simply using one dwl-2100 as an ap and the other as the repeater. I had completely turned off the dir-655's wlan.

But saying that, the same thing happened when I was trying to get one/both of the DWLs to repeat for the DIR.

Both DWLs were set as super-g, both set to open (no auth). Same thing did happen with WPA. They had the same SSID, same channel (manually channel 1). The DIR's dhcp pool set to 100-199. Each DWL statically set to .6 and .7.

I used the site survey and even tried entering MAC/SSID manually.
SuperG is wide channel for 11g - it uses 40MHz wide channels to get 108Mb/s speeds instead of 54Mb/s.
So you want that disabled too.
AlcedemaAuthor Commented:
Disabled super-g on both, but the main problem is still that theres an IP conflict on the network after one DWL is set as a repeater for the other, which makes all wired clients unable to connect to the internet.
Disconnect the cables to the DIR-655 from the windows computers... connect the DWL-2100APs, then reconnect the windows computers one by one until they start throwing the duplicate IP errors... something on the one that causes that message has a .6 or .7 address connected to it somehow. Possibly a printer or other peripheral, or a static IP on a network adapter that's not physically connected.
AlcedemaAuthor Commented:
I will try that in the morning. However would that not throw errors up once they bind to the addresses/turn on as they are statically assigned those addresses all the time, and only when I set one to repeat for the other do all of my windows machines start whining.
There is no duplicate IP until you add in the .6 or .7 from one of the DWL-2100AP devices, so the windows machines don't complain about it until then. But once one sees the duplicate they all throw the error, so you have to approach it from the other direction. Wait 15 minutes between reattaching each windows machine... that gives them time for broadcasting 2 'I'm here' announcements (they try that about every 12 minutes) and for an exchange with a master browser (every 15 minutes if one is online yet), to propagate info and the duplicate IP to start causing errors.

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