Wireless router not getting IP from cable modem

We have Time Warner Roadrunner Broadband for our internet.

Our wireless router was no longer able to get an IP address from the modem, so we thought our router was bad and bought a new one. It worked for approximately 16 hours, now it, too, no longer gets in IP address from the modem.

If our computers are plugged directly into the modem, we can access the internet just fine. If our computers are plugged into the wireless router, we are unable to get to the internet. Checking the configuration settings on the router revealed that it is not receiving an IP address.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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Whats the model of your wireless router? You should be able to renew/request an ip adress from your cable modem from the routers configuration page, but knowing the model will help me assist with that/
mommie_geekAuthor Commented:
It's a Linksys by Cisco WRT54G2.

We also tried renewing/requesting an IP address from the cable modem, but no address is ever assigned to the router.
I would say the Router is to fault if you have already tried that.

Try Flashing to the latest firmware

You can download it here


hope that helps

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KIP HelpCommented:
You don't think it's something on Time Warner's end? Could they have set something up that stops it from passing IP addresses to wireless routers? I only ask because we had a netgear previously (as of yesterday at 4:30PM) that did the exact same thing which is why we went out and purchased the Linksys.
mommie_geekAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I logged in with my work account (above) instead of my personal account. The above post is from me, however.
Its possible, im not sure as I'm from the UK however one of our major cable companies used to not allow routers, they would only allow devices that they had the MAC address registered of.

I would check with them first to see if its authorised, as they may still need to register the device with their service.

If it is authorised then I would follow the firmware upgrade route
mommie_geekAuthor Commented:
I'll keep the firmware suggestion in mind.

Is there anyone in the US who has specifically dealt with Time Warner/Roadrunner and wireless routers?
mommie_geekAuthor Commented:
The solution turned out to be found on Linksys's website. However, one of the solutions (that wasn't applicable) was to update firmware. I'm going to award full points for this. Thank you!
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