I need help troubleshooting a Remote Desktop setup

Machine to be remoted into:
Windows XP Media Center Edition
Hughes Net Sat Modem

Access Machine:
Windows XP Home Edition
Linksys Wireless Router

First off, Is this possible with these OS's? If so would someone please step me through the setup - When I enter the remote system's external IP address into the "Computer" field of the local RDP app, I get a Server 2003 x64 system to log into (not the correct system).  Thanks!
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For a start, XP Home doesn't have remote desktop installed (there are ways to get it, but not like an add/remove option). also, if you're getting sent to a 2003 server interface, make sure the port forwarding on your modem is going to the right place, evidently it works but is forwarding to another machine - does the remote site have a 2003 server?
CCSWilkAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your response - The remote site doesn't have a 2003 server - only a home computer directly connected to a Hughes Net Sattelite modem (no router) running XP Media Center Edition - I'm curious about the XP Home part because I'm able to remote into my work system from the local or XP Home system, through my work VPN - Since this worked, I was hoping to be able to set up a way to remote into my family computer (witout setting up a VPN) - Thanks again
that's rather odd that you're getting to another machine that doesn't exist at that site - you say you enter the remote IP - does your home setup have a static IP address? does your Hughes modem have port forwarding setup?

Just to be clear, you're at a third site and you can VPN to work from it, and once connected via VPN, you can remote desktop to your work PC, and you'd like to be able to do the same, but to your home PC, without the VPN?
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CCSWilkAuthor Commented:
Thanks - Dynamic IP at the remote system-  I'm getting the remote IP from the web (whatismyip.com) - I did not see a port forwarding setup option on the Hughes Net modem page - Only Information - No configuration settings- I'm wondering if Hughes Net is natting their addresses and I'm getting stuck at their Windows 2003 server - And yes, that is exactly what I am trying to do (the second part)  Thanks again for your help!
so at the remote site you've browsed whatismyip.com and you're using that IP you've found on your local (XP Home) machine. it's always a good idea to get some sort of Dynamic DNS solution and set that up on your modem/router to be safe, so that you'll never potentially get the wrong IP. i'd suggest you open yourself a free DynDNS account to set yourself up an dyndns IP, however if your Hughes modem has not config options you're going to struggle! is there no way Hughes can provide you with another modem that has configuration capability? alternatively i suppose you could speak to them and ask where port 3389 is being sent?

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CCSWilkAuthor Commented:
Thnk You for your help
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