Server 2003 boots to blank screen

I had a server this am that was hung up. I had them reboot the server and on reboot they got an error that a service did not start check the log, then it booted to a completly blank screen. Nothing there at all. No logo, no BSOD, just completly blank. I am afraid to have them rboot since they seem to be able to work for now, but I have NEVER seen this one before???? Can anyone give any guidence??
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When you say blank...
Is it a greyish color?
Does the mouse pointer move?
I would also just double check and make sure the video cable is connected for starters.
Sounds like explorer is not running...
Can they Ctrl+Alt+Del ?
Run task manager if they can... then click File... Run... and type explorer
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Can you RDP into the server?
Yes, do what Unluckynelson has suggested.
signaltrackerAuthor Commented:
The screen is greyish in color
I get the normal l boot up screen that tells me about the RAID etc while it is booting so the video card it at least patially working
They could not even see the Ctrl Alt Del becasue the screen was grey. I am not sure about the mouse pointer. Alan, do you have an idea of what it was?

Update: I rebooted again and got in. I checked the logs to see if I could seee any problems and it is telling me the Directory Serivce Log is corrupt. I claerd it and will watch it. Never seen the grey screen before and ideas?

Thanks for al the answers and very quick responces
One of my servers does that sometimes.  I restart it and it works. :)
Unfortunately, I dont have a solution for you.  We occasionally get servers in this state and it usually involves a reset button to get them back again.
Full power-off reboot can help with drives that don't always cycle completely with a soft boot/restart.  I have seen some older drives, especially scsi, fail to give their "ready" status on a soft boot and be accessed for boot from the hardware, but not when the windows drivers come into play so the server waits for them to show ready.
Sorry, didn't realize that your users were still up.  

Yes, I agree with all that has been said.  Your server absolutely needs to be rebooted.  More than likely automatic updates tried to reboot the server or actually did, but just didn't shut it down all of the way or bring it up all of the way after reboot / install.  

If you are up and running then you are fine.  Wait until after hours to reboot.  If you see and hear signs (from the users) that the server is degrading then you will have to send out an email that it is down and reboot.

HTH and good luck

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Windows Server 2003

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