Regulate the volume level for iPod

Hi Experts.  I have been using this iPod for a couple of years now and can't get used to the variation in volume levels of each song.  High, low, just right.....  I play the music through iTunes (version with my iPod hooked up to the laptop.  The question I have is, what can I use to regulate the sound to a normal volume level so that there isn't the peaks and valleys in sound?  Or is there another method I can use?  

Thanks Experts.
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madzantaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Open iTunes Preferences, click Playback, and then select the Sound Check option.

I hope it helps and good luck!
unluckynelsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Download MediaMonkey and use that instead.
It has a volume leveling feature built-in... Right click a track and level volume...
It also supports IPOD....

If you go to Edit>Preferences>Playback tab, there is a checkbox "Sound Check", the description of which states "Automatically adjusts song playback volume level to the same level." Maybe this will help? I'm using iTunes
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samiam41Author Commented:
Of course it would be something easy....  Urg!  Thanks for the help.  That was becoming frustrating.  

samiam41Author Commented:
Thanks for the help!!  I downloaded the mediamonkey and will spend more time with it but the "Sound Check" option from iTunes was the quickest method.

@betty85:  Thanks for the post but madzanta dropped that suggestion first.
Glad I could help.... personally i find iTunes slow and frustrating...
MediaMonkey is by far the quickest and easiest to use.... (and really... I don't work for them)
samiam41Author Commented:
To be honest, I hate using iTunes and the iPod.  Navigating on the iPod just pisses me off and trying to configure iTunes is just as frustrating at times.  I use both because I haven't had the time to learn iTunes or an alternative app so I am left doing whatever I can to keep listening to it without going Office Space on it.

Hopefully time will permit me to check this MediaMonkey more and begin winging myself from iTunes.  Do you use the free version of Gold?
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