what is the easiest way to change someones name and email in groupwise

we have a woman who got married and wants to change her grouwise ID from abc@company.com to scc@company.com and keeping all her past emails?
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Probably the simplest thing to do is to keep the existing email as is, and create a nickname for it with the new address. Using ConsoleOne, find the user, open the properties, and on the GroupWise tab, select Nicknames, then add a new nickname.

This way email sent to both the old address and the new address will both be received, and she can slowly over time let people know to start using the new address.

tewlawAuthor Commented:
since she changed her last name, couldnt i create a new user with her new info, then add her old gw acct to the nickname of her new acct ??

im looking in colsole one and i see a user who got married, but all i see if her new info, and under nicknames, i see her old gw emaill address .....
We usually rename the user both in eDirectory and in GroupWise so the information is current and consistent (also requires rename of the local Windows account on her computer). Then set up the old email address as a nickname in ConsoleOne, as Bill described above. Mail sent to the old address will still be delivered, while any new mail she sends out will have her correct/new address. You can turn off the nickname later, after she's no longer receiving any important email at it. Side benefit: a fresh email address gets less spam.

Creating a new user is not necessary, and besides, GroupWise accounts have individual FIDs. Exporting all the mail, calendar, etc. items from the old account and getting into a new one is a headache you don't need to bother with.
Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing PartnerCommented:
This is a three step process:

1) Rename her account in the GroupWise part of ConsoleOne.  Find her, right click Rename.  This will rename her mailbox, preserving all of her email that was her former name.

2) Rename her eDirectory object in the NDS part of ConsoleOne.  Find her, right click Rename.  This renames her login ID, but preserves her password, rights, etc.

3) Open the properties of her object and on the General tab find the Given Name and Last Name (Surname) properties and change it the correct last name so that it will work properly on outbound messages.

As suggested, to keep email coming inbound on her old name, create a nickname for a month or so after you've renamed her account to the new one.  The nickname will work for inbound only messages.

Hope that helps.


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It has been a while, but when you rename the object it gives you the option of keeping the original name as the alias.
"new user with her new info, then add her old gw acct to the nickname" will not work.  You can not create a nickname that already exists.
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