Outlook 2007 Calander

How do you copy a Calander in Outlook 2007?  Someone creadted a Calander and now want to give it to people and use it as a template for other Calanders.
Is there an easy way to copy Calanders?
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Joseph UndisConnect With a Mentor Network and Systems AdministratorCommented:

Go to file > Import/Export > Export to a file > Personal Folder File > choose your folders > choose the location and Voila!

Go to that location you saved it at and you can e-mail the outlook calendar to people. They just go through the same process, except selecting Import a file instead of Export to a file
wball1217Author Commented:
Thank you.  Does it leave the original calendar as it was?
Joseph UndisNetwork and Systems AdministratorCommented:
Yes, it will leave the original calendar on the computer and in outlook.
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