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Hi Experts,
I need to write a custom application/windows service, which monitors the website hosted either in IIS/APACHE or WEBSPHERE and provides information regarding the Pagehits, and other information for analysis.
Similary to google analytics...
please suggest me the best method and feasible method to do this.... waiting for your responses..
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MPDeveloperConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use LogParser 2.2.

You can even incorporated LogParser assemblies into your .net application if you wish.
Web site software - eg IIS should create their own log files so its just a matter of grabbing data from there - possibly storing it somewhere else and then analysing and presenting that in whatever visual format you wish.
DeathraceAuthor Commented:
i'm looking at architectural view, which helps me to develop and application similar to google analytics
With the multiple server support you are looking for, you have two options.

1. Read each of the server W3C formatted log files.
2. Have each page that you wish to monitor contain a reference to javascript code on your reporting server which records page hits and available information found in the HTTP header. (exactly what Google does)

How you display or render the data is up to you.
DeathraceAuthor Commented:
You are correct,but is there any source code available on this log file parsing..
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