How to configure a switchport on a Cisco 2800

I have a Cisco 2800 with a add-in 4 port switch card.  I would like to configure one of the interfaces as another Ethernet port.  Unfortunaley, I have to use a VLAN setup.  A sample VLAN configuration would be greatly appreciated!

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that1guy15Connect With a Mentor Commented:
to set up the VLAN if not done already:

vlan 100
decription sales

then to add a port to the vlan:

int f1/0
switchport mode access
swichport access vlan 100

this will configure the port as an access port and assign it to vlan 100. This will only be able to run on the 4 switch-card ports though.

is this what you were looking for?
cburn32Author Commented:
Yes...thank you.  Another question though.  If I wanted to assign an ACL how would I assign it to the VLAN?

It depends on what you are want traffic you are wanting to block.

If you want to block traffic within a VLAN (never leaves a VLAN) then you will need to create a VLAN ACL.

If you want to block traffic between VLANs then you will need to create a SVI (layer 3 interface )for each VLAN and then apply the ACL to the SVI just as you would any other interface.

int vlan 100 <---creates the SVI
ip address x.x.x.x x.x.x.x <---assignes ip to VLAN and allows routing between this vlan and others
access-group 101 in <--- applies acl to vlan 100

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cburn32Author Commented:
Ok I will try applying the ACL to the interface the VLan is assigned too.  It seems my Vlan is not setup correctly though.  Here my config for the VLan:

interface FastEthernet0/0/0
 description Stutz Link
 switchport access vlan 2

interface Vlan2
 ip address

I cannot even ping the FE 0/0/0 interface.  I am obviously missing something.  Thanks again for any input!
Right. you are unable to ping f0/0/0 becuase it is a switchport (layer 2).

you should be able to ping your vlan interface though.

remimber the SVI (interface vlan2) and the f0/0/0 (vlan2 member port) are complety different ports.

Also your acl can only be applied to the VLAN2 interface not the f0/0/0 interface
cburn32Author Commented:
I should be able to ping the IP address I assigned to the Vlan, right?  Would I be able to use the Vlan address as a routable gateway?
Yes you should be able to ping the address assigned to the vlan interface. this interface is a fully functional layer three routable interface once an ip address is assigned to it.
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