How Do I send 20,000 emails a week like flyers?

Hi There,
I have a client that wants to send 20,000 emails a week for there work flier but there isp only allows them 500 per day.  Is there a way to get 20,000 emails to go all out in one shot so they don't have to consistently send emails every day of the week with a program or something?  Thanks

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well, if their ISP limits them to only 500 a day then thats a substantially sized hurdle.

But if the mail is sent out with the email addresses in the BCC then it is technically just one email that you are sending. obviously you can only acheive this if the emails aren't personalised.
snipa911Author Commented:
Well no its not personilized its like a flier to a list of 20000 email addresses so generic.  So your saying if I put this list int he bcc the isp will think its 1 email.  Will that work?
Untested from my part, but technically it is just one email, ok it has multiple receiptients, but i cant see that being how the isp limits it. Bear in mind however that 20,000 emails is a hell of alot to send at once, consider splitting it up into sections. Also bear in mind that you are quite likely to blacklisted by sending out such a vast amount.
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Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
Depends on how the ISP limits it.

If the ISP insists they use their mail server, and imposes a limit there, then you would need to obtain an external server to do the send. Those are relatively cheap - depends then on bandwidth limitations, but provided the emails aren't too large, you should be able to get a hosted server for $20/month or so that can handle that for you.

however, if the ISP merely imposes this limit on email sent via their server (and doesn't prevent customers from sending mail directly, bypassing the server) then you can use any suitable mail server to send the mail, for which there are a wide range of choices.

but BCC won't cut it - normally, this is handled at the SMTP level (where to/cc/bcc are meaningless, being purely decorative content elements not referenced in the process, which uses MAIL FROM and RCPT TO instead)

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snipa911Author Commented:
This I know and i know there are services on the net that will do this for you but they charge.  I just wanted to see if there was another way to do this.  Any other ideas
Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware EngineerCommented:
oh, and even if you run 10 send threads, at around 6-8 seconds per mail, that is going to take about 7 hours to send all 20,000

you aren't going to get more than about 10 threads of email to run on a normal internet connection, so you can't shave much off that unless you go to one of the larger commercial pipes (I am assuming cable or adsl here)
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