I need a script that does the following:

-Generate a list of all users my domain and save to a text file
-It must NOT list the user account that have been disabled

I am not too concerned with how pretty the output file looks as I will use Excel to import it into a workbook.  So the following format is ok:
"CN=Charles Ross,CN=Users,DC=mogan,DC=local"

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Hi, you will need an AD export script.

Try this site:


Copy the text and then save it as a .vbs file

They have a great example that will go to excel.

Wow, I just tried this.  It is AWESOME!  It will do everything you ask and more.  You can edit the fields as necessary.
Ok, I see you have the disabled disclaimer in there.  Let me see what I can do.
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every1isevil2Author Commented:
Thank you for the fast reply.

After looking at the code, which is quite nice, I am afraid that it does not meet either of my requirements.  I need it to send it to: a) text file and b) leave out disabled user accounts.

Please submit syntax/code.
Ok, here you go.

Just wrote it out and tested.

Works great.  You may want to remove the disabled = no column.  

What happens is the query looks for disable accounts being set to 'yes' and filters them with dsget.


@echo off & Setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
title Users that have not changed their password for at least 80 days.
:: note, Useraccounts that are Disabled 
:: are filtered out and these users do not appear on the list. 
:: There is also a disabled column.  You can remove that as necessary
:: Set the strOU to your applicable domain name and root  (domain.com) would be DC=domain,DC=com  (no spaces)
:: Will send txt file to C:\getusers.txt.  
:: There is not a limit on this query.
Set "strOU=DC=FQDN_DOMAIN_NAME_Suffix,DC=com"
echo/QUERYING (incl. sub-OUs):
Set /a iCnt=0
For /f "skip=1 delims=" %%a in ( 
	'dsquery.exe user "%strOU%" -name * -limit 0 -stalepwd 0 ^| dsget user -disabled -dn ^|Findstr /iv "\<yes\>" ^|Findstr /iv "\<dsget\>" ^> c:\getUsers.txt'
	) DO (
   	echo %%a 

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