Solution for Wireless Syncronization between Blackberry Curve and Exchange 2007

I have just set up a new Exchange Server 2007 on Windows Server 2008 and Email is working great. My Client wants to sync his calendar and contacts on his blackberry curve but he can only get his email there at this time. He has already made a considerable investment in all the hardware and software and hate to tell him that he has to spend another $3000.00 or more on BES. Is there a good cost effective solution to enable him to receive his contacts, calendar, and email to his blackberry curve when he is on the go? OWA is already enabled and working great.
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Check if you can install "RoadSync" software on the Blackberry Curve.
For more information check
We use BES for 110 users, but if your talking just one or so use the professional software (up to 30 users). It can install on the Exchange server.
And the first CAL is free with the downloadable software, CALs available in 5 and 10 packs (about $499 and $$849)



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Your best for the cost is to use Blackberry Professional Software Express.  If its only that one user the first license is free.  
apgarzaAuthor Commented:
Hey hughespat this looks like a good solution but I had just a few questions. Should it be ok if I install it on my current server which has Exchange Managment console? Everything is setup already and it is not the DC. Also do I have to install any softare on the blackberry mobile devices? They are Blackberry curves. I have two servers one acting as the DC and one just for the Exchange 2007 Email. Also I have OWA already setup and working good.
You cannot install BES Professional Edition on the Exchange 2007 server as it is not a x64 application. It will not work. You will need to use a x32 bit system, a VM would do the job fine. That system also needs to be Windows 2003 - BES Professional will not install on Windows 2008 - any edition.
There is nothing to be installed on the devices, but you will need to speak to the service provider about having BES enabled on the devices. This can cost more.

As for BES itself, I have never paid for it. If I have more than 10 devices I simply tell the provider I would like BES free, if they say not then I take my business elsewhere.

I would have to partially disagree with Mestha, below are the Blackberry Professional requirements.
Exchange 2007 is explicitly supported on Server 2003 x64 from the Quickstart pdf (MUST BE V4.1 sp4 OR LATER)

As for Server 2008, true not yet stated as supported, but I have many apps that run fine on x64 Server 2008 that are yet certified by thier vendors for 2008

If that is a concern HyperV would be a very good alternative, in fact we run our BES on top of our Exchange 2007 server as a Server 2003 VM. It works well for our size organization. Just be sure the phyiscal host has the RAM and processors to handle both work loads. If you expect to ever grow into more than 30 CALs use a VM or seperate server, this allows easy upgrade to Enterprise Edition which must be a seperate server.

Virtualization in general avoids having to install anything directly on your Exchange Server that may cause conflicts. Exchange has always been a complex messaging system that tends to be unforgiving of third party applications. (i.e. it can be easily broken and a real pain to fix)

Look over the BB Pro documents before you decide, there are several warnings and possible problems .NET versions and OWA in particular.

Version 4.1 sp4
operating system:
On the host server for the BlackBerry Professional Software, install one of the
following operating systems in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, or
Brazilian Portuguese:
" Windows Server® 2000 SP4
" Windows Server 2003 SP1 or SP2
" Windows Server 2003 (64-bit)
" Windows Small Business Server SP2
I was referring to the host OS of the Blackberry server, not Exchange itself.

If you have managed to get BPS to install on an x64 OS then you are in a non-supported environment at the very least. Have you actually managed to get BPS to install on Windows 2008? Again not a supported environment. RIM are very slow at supporting new installations. The main Blackberry forums are full of discussion over this and that is the best place to follow them - specifically look for Gary Cutri's postings on the issue.

"In an Exchange 2007 environment BlackBerry Enterprise Server should NOT be installed on the mail server as the BES software is not 64BIT compatible"

apgarzaAuthor Commented:
Would installing this on the DC which is Windows Server 2003 be an option? Instead of installing it on the Server 2008 Server with Exchange Installed?
I have seen it done, but it isn't something I would recommend.
You then have the complication of logging in to the server - besadmin (the account that Blackberry services must run under) cannot be a Domain Admin.

Mestha I know you are a very experienced poster on these forums but individuals like your self are why I rarely post to these forums. You want to surround every simple question with minute detail.

The gentleman asked for an inexpensive solution to Blackberry ENTERPRISE Server and that is the Blackberry PROFESSIONAL Software.
On this we agree
We both agree a seperate server environment is prefferable either virtual or physical.

The VENDER states Blackberry ENTERPRISE Server should not be installed on an Exchange server.
The VENDER states Blackberry PROFESSIONAL Software can be installed on the Exchange Server
The VENDER states Version 4.1 SERVICE PACK 4 or 5 are supported in 64 bit your link to a post references version 4.1 sp 3
These are not my opinions these are the venders published specifications, of course we all know in real life "your results may vary"

I do not have the time or interest to continue this, good day.
The reason I keep coming back to this is because the same mistakes keep being made.

RIM support Exchange 2007 with the updates that are outlined. However they do not support their product being installed ON TO a 64 bit OS. You can use it with Exchange 2007 which has to be installed on to a 64 bit OS as long as the Blackberry professional software is installed on to a 32 bit OS.

apgarzaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help everyone! :)
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