I need to reset the bios password on an NEC LXi laptop. Something happened when I tried to change the password and the old bios password no longer works.

I tried to enter the bios and change the password from using one to not needing one at all. Something happened and now I can not get past the bios password with the existing password. Is there a way to reset the bios to not needing a password or a master (default) NEC LXi bios password.
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MarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Could you give more info on the model. Older NEC laptops had a set of dip switches  that allowed you to turn off the password. I believe this is under the keyboard on the LXI model.
Here is the user manual for the LXI and on page 3-25 it explains the switch settings. Pages 3-26,27,28 show the keyboard removal guides to access the switch.
Switch 1 is the password override switch and should be set to ON to override the password.
How you doing.... LXi such a lovely old machine...

Just remove the battery and short the BIOS PINS... that will flash the CMOS..
mjkonieAuthor Commented:
Where are the bios pins. Can I get a break down somewhere or instructions on where they are or how to get to them?
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Start by removing every panel on the bottom of the laptop and see if the battery is connected under one of them. It should look like a watch battery but 3-4 times bigger. It may also be wrapped in plastic and connect to the laptop via a cable.

If it is not under the panels you will have take the laptop apart untill you have access to it.... You will have to take out every screw in the laptop, start with the bottom then remove the screen/keyboard and the two halfs of the laptop should come apart and give you access to the internals.

You may want to take it to a laptop repair shop to get this done, they should charge 1-2 hours labour.
on modern laptops, bios passwords are stored in a security chip, so flashing, updating or clearing the bios does not help at all.
you should contact Nec; they may ask proof of ownership before helping - and it may not be free !
mjkonieAuthor Commented:
Model Number is VM4C9EA-000-000 Serial 02YY50255
This is an older style laptop that would not have the security chip that nobus was talking about.
Try the link that in the comment that sparkmaker made first and if your laptop is a model that does not have the password override switch you would have to find the BIOS battery and leave it out for an extended period of time.
I would suggest overnight as the residual power left in the laptop can be enough to keep the BIOS chip charged for awhile.
I believe I answered the question with references to the manual for this particular laptop.
mjkonieAuthor Commented:
Your are right. I have accepted the wrong solution on the third try to close the problem.
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