Frontpage: Dreaded "cannot parse message"

I'm new here, and am hoping someone can help. I have been using Frontpage 2000. Have had no problems for years. Now I can't access my web page and get the "The server sent a response that Frontpage could not parse. If you are trying to connect to a Frontpage server, check with the server administrator to make sure the Frontpage server extensions are installed properly".

Microsoft,when called, said they no longer provide support. that I should check their web page, which I have, to no avail.
In another post, sandipkharde replid:

:To reset your  FrontPage extensions follow these steps:
(Ensure you have a local backup copy of your website (Once the files are deleted from your Netfirms account, they cannot be recovered.Resetting your FrontPage extensions will remove any corrupted files which may be affecting your ability to publish files to your site. )

1. Ensure you have a local copy of your latest website files
2. Login to the Members Control Panel at
3. Click Hosting
4. Choose Advanced
5. Click FrontPage Extensions
6. Click Reset

 NOTE: Resetting extensions will delete a portion of your  site, therefore you will need to republish it after you have reinstalled the  extensions.
I am unable to access that page. Gives the basic "Internet Explorer cannot display that webpage" Do I have the correct website?

Also saw a reply from:

open IIS manager (start->run->"inetmgr"->OK), right click on the web site, choose "all tasks->recalculate server extensions" or "new -> add server extensions"

Because Ihave XP Home edition, apparently Microsoft, for reasons no one is quite sure of, has decided to not include IIS in the Home Edition, so I am unable to access IIS.

Is it possible to download IIS? Or is that a packaged program?

Because my website is my business, I'm unable to access the message section, from customers, or change any info on my site, and am pulling the few remaining hairs out, feverishly trying to find out how I can get the extensions straightened out.

Sure would appreciate any help anyone might have.
Thank you
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James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
who is hosting this site
LongducdongAuthor Commented:
My internet provider is AT&T.
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
Have you ask them to recalculate? many hosting companies will do that
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LongducdongAuthor Commented:
I have contacted them. After talking to two seperate "tech" people, they had no clue on what I was talking about. They stated they could have a "pay" person contact me. Would cost me $95.00. I asked "what if they don't solve it? Do I still pay?" The reply was "If they help you for more than 10 minutes, you have to pay the $95.00, even if they can't figure out the problem."
Obviously I declined, stating "It's a guarantee they'll spend at least ten minutes just chatting, if nothing else."

Any other ideas?
Best way to do this is ftp....just download filezila (for free) and connect to your site via FTP and download your site to your local machine....make your changes and then upload back to the server.

The process is pretty simple and sure makes life great having a complete backup of your site. I have been using FP since FP98 and no longer do anything with server extensions. I use FTP for over 75 websites I maintain and this is without a doubt the easiest and safest way to manage your files.


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LongducdongAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies, Cs97, and rcmb..
Excuse my ignorance as I go through the above steps, rcmb, and thanks again for your comment.
At this point I've never connected via ftp. (decades ago, back in web infancy) to my web site, or anywhere else in quite some time, actually
I'll go through and read the FAQ's on the filezila site, of which I just downloaded.

I'm assuming I connect to my site with ftp via filezila?
Once there, is downloading down through filezila? Uploading back to server as well?

Lastly, I have the "Send message" setup on my web page, where customers can send me questions, of which I had to access once I signed into FP using my user name, and password.
Is that option still do-able ?

Am replying prior to reading all, both to thank you, and let you know I'm still actively, desperately trying to get into my web page, and am hoping this is my solution.

Again, I appreciate the advice, and hope to pick your brain as I stumble through this.
First and most important thing....nothing on your site changes as far as functionality.

Think of FTP like will open a program (filezilla) and on the left side you will see your computer, on the right side you will see your website. You can now copy from your computer to your website and vice versa.

Once the steps below are completed the first time then all you will need to do is edit your site on the local computer and then copy (ftp) up to your website.

Download ftp client....once downloaded you will enter your website name in the host field, use the same username you used for connecting via FP in the username box and the same for the password....leave the port field blank as it defaults to port 21 which is the ftp port.

Cick quickconnect

Once opened you will see 6 main windows

-------------------Window 1-------------------
Window 2          |         Window3
Window 4          |         Window 5
-------------------Window 6-------------------

Window 1 is coonnection information
Window 2 is your computer
Window 3 is your website folder
Window 4 displays the contents of the folder selected in window 2
Window 5 displays the contents of the folder selected in window 3
Window 6 displays file activitiy

In window 3 highlight the folder containing your website and drag it to your C drive in window 2.

Now your entire website will begin copying to your local computer.
Open frontpage and open the website located in the location you just created on your local computer. Make changes as needed.

Back to on the folder in window 2 that contains your website
In window 4 all your files should appear (press F5 to refresh if needed)
Click on the webstie folder in window 3 and all the same files should appear in window 5 that you see in window 4. Now just right click on a file in window 4 and select upload and then the files transfers from window 4 to window 5 and overwrites the file (you will need to confirm the overwrite).

Thats it.
LongducdongAuthor Commented:
thank you for the advice, Chris. I'm going to work on that this weekend, and hope for the best.
LongducdongAuthor Commented:
Please don't close this inquiry yet.
Had laptop stolen, and just now got back on, and apologize for the gap.
The information provided, I'm hoping, will solve my problem.
Thank you
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