CCNA: Cross Over Cable vs (subnet mask)


1) This is related to the CCNA exam.
2) At one of the prep test, there is a case like this:
- Two PCs can get connection each other by using the Cross Over Cable or using the Subnet Mask

3) My questions: i) Could you explain why  using the subnet mask (and i believe, it is still using the Straight cable instead of Cross Over Cable) would be able to connect the above two PCs?, ii) Is there any relationship between the Cross Over Cable and the Subnet Mask of

4) Thank you

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The ability to connect the 2 pcs together is not determined by what subnet mask you use - as long as you have the same one.  Subnetting is a way of splitting your ip space into common "chunks" where all nodes that reside in a subnet can see each other without having to be routed.

In other words, if you connect both pcs using and
or and
they will still work - as long as their subnets are the same.  

FYI - you do use a cross over cable for connecting PC to PC.

If you have 2 PCs to connect together via a switch/hub, then you use straight through cables


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