Want to Publish Exchange Server2007 through cisco 8141

Can i publish Exchange server 2007 through cisco 8141 router as we have one leased line
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NicolazeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since the CISCO Router is already configured for VPN, whenever you connect to VPN, you can go to outlook and you will have your mails downloaded as if u were on the network (of course, you should have the outlook settings done for connection to the Exchange Server).

A different solution would be to make Outlook available for web access (that is you access your mailbox from Internet Explorer, but since you have VPN, it's easier to access emails from outlook then from Internet Explorer.
What do you mean by publish? VPN?
akhlaq2006Author Commented:
actually i install exchanger server 2007 and is working in LAN now i want to publish it on internet how i can using cisco router  that is already configure for VPN through lieased line
akhlaq2006Author Commented:
it help
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